The Philippines is such an amazing and wonderful place. That is a fact! One of the most amazing places I have visited was Vigan City, standing tall in the territories of Northern Luzon; this ancient city boasts an array of well preserved ancestral houses, and Filipino-Spanish era atmosphere. It takes almost 12 hours from Manila, but the trip was well worth it.

As we arrived in the city we were greeted by lines of Spanish style houses. The main plaza contains a huge dancing fountain in the middle and the Old Church and City Hall. A bunch of Kalesa can be seen roaming around the place giving it an authentic feeling of the past.

Vigan Tourist

Although the city is now a modern district with all the fast food and groceries lined in the streets, there’s still the feeling of antiquity and prestige that once characterized the whole place. Maybe it’s because of the well preserved details in each of the old houses or maybe the long and colorful history of the place is still echoing from the past.

We stayed in a nice hotel/inn near the market, Green R Hotel. We rented out an air-conditioned room with two beds and a T.V. Their rates are really affordable; you can check their available rates and availability by clicking the link.

Vigan Longannisa

The city also boasts local dishes such as the famous Vigan Longganisa and the Bagnet (a deeply fried pork dish). Their vinegar also has a unique kick of sweetness to it.

The city is really great during the day, but during night time it turns into a magical place. The streets are illuminated by street lights which give off an orange glow, giving more antiquity to the presentation of the place. The light gives a much detailed accent of the wooden windows, and the stone parts of the old houses. The stores below offer unique wooden carvings, tshirts and other knick knacks you can take home.

Kalye Crisologo at Vigan

I really appreciate the atmosphere the place is giving off. Friendly locals and curious tourists line the streets going from the main Plaza to Kalye Crisologo. Diners with a healthy appetite for Filipino food dine in the streets, smoked food (ihaw-ihaw) are also lined up near the diners making any one who pass by craving for the glorious street food.

Vigan Longannisa

For dinner we went to a great place called Comida Del Norte near Kalye Crisologo. The place offered us all the food the great city of Vigan has to offer. They even have Bagnet Pizzas available.

As the evening goes deeper, families and different folks gather around the Main Plaza around the fountain. The fountain-lights show starts at 7 in the evening and lasts for around 2 hours. The lights and water danced rhythmically to the beautiful music. I nearly danced to the beat as the lights played around and encourages you to lose yourself in the show. You can check the dancing fountain video here:

As we leave the city in the morning, we get to say goodbye to one of the most enchanting city I have visited. No wonder it was labeled as one of the new 7 wonders cities. I would definitely not think twice about going back the next chance I get.

Have you experienced Vigan? Do you have questions regarding our stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines? Hit us in the comments section below!