‘Why do I go to school?’ I ask myself.

During the days of our innocent, unhindered frolicking in the streets, we were encouraged to go to school and learn how to read ABC’s, count 123’s, and write alphabetically. But as years passed the simple read, count, and write turned into solving the speed of a train from point A to point B, understanding the human brain, and taking down historical dates. Our grades shifted from very good to 90-93 to UNO, TRES, and SINGKO, and as we escalate from one year level to another, our potential expands and the chances of getting a good job after school becomes within our reach. But is it really about getting a good job, and having a well-off life that drives us to go to school and finish college? Have you ever asked yourself the same question – Why do I go to school?

All parents wants nothing but only the good for their children, and for that reason they send them to school. We were raised and compelled to believe that burning the midnight oil for grades sake and getting a degree will lead us to a job that will help us earn money so that we’ll be able to live a luxurious life, and eventually retire when we’re old and senile. Our parents and society has clearly plotted before our eyes these rewards we can get once we finish college, and so, we start to act like machines memorizing thousands of lines for a fill in a blank exam.

We focus more on the types of test, and how to get the right answers in order to survive one whole semester. We write down every code even though we can’t comprehend- We do these things because we’re all afraid to fail. We go to school to avoid the rubbish life we might get if we don’t have that promising diploma hanging on our wall. We’re afraid.

It’s fear that was kindled in our being that makes us go to school. It makes us think like robots and work like zombies. It teaches us to just survive and not live. It makes us pursue a course we don’t want because they’ve told us “there is money”. Fear robs us away from the reason why we go to school.

Ask yourself again, “why do I go to school?’ What makes you stay in your seat together with 40 plus students mumbling and giggling about their crushes, and favorite celebrities?

 Why do you spend time listening to your monotonous professor discussing chemical reaction, and the derivative of letters and numbers? Why do you patiently write notes and doodle at the same time for a subject that doesn’t make sense to you? Why do you go to school?

 If your reason is because it is a normal thing to do, or because it can make you rich then drop out and leave immediately.

Go to school because you find the unending thrill of learning something new. You want to be educated by a program you want and not what your family wants. Enroll yourself to a new semester not because of the fear that you’ll end up making money out of garbage and live under a tattered roof, but rather because of fear that you won’t be the kind of person you want to be 10 years from now. Your diploma’s worth is more than the 100,000 salary every month and new phone every 3 months. The delicate parchment paper sealed with your name and degree is what you have worked hard for almost 2 decades and no amount of money can ever equate to it. Your diploma is you. It is you. It is every fiber of your whole being, and so make it meaningful. Make it worth it. Study, love, and learn.

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