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Ever thought of having a wallet made out of children books? and necklaces made out of tanzans?

We were on our way to Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe and we’re welcomed by a post on their door, ‘Pop-up stores upstairs’ We immediately went up and saw these unique and creative items being sold and most of them are hand crafted! So we got the chance to talk two of the sellers, Vien Yu of Krafty Pirate and Zerah Capili of Sapin Sapin Tanzan Accessories.

Krafty Pirate

I love to read books and I really get fascinated by every flip of the page and how they resound to my ears whenever I slip my finger into it. Some of us spend time reading books over a cup of coffee while some do it as part of their daily routine, but once we’ve flipped the last page of it, we store them up in our collection and leave. New books will show up in the stalls, we buy them, read, then store. The cycle continues. The once upon a time new ones are now labeled as old ones.  But if you think that your old book has no other place to be in aside from the trash bin or being a donation to less privileged schools , think again because we’ve found someone who deemed to turn the old and junk books into a unique item- handmade wallets.

Vien Yu the owner of Krafty Pirate upcycles old books she found in their home into something that one can use every day. She turns old pages into unique items which she sells online and in bazaars. She’s into the business for 4 years, and it all started from the comic section of the newspaper and now into comics and children books.

krafty pirate, handmade wallets, wallets, upcycle


Krafty Pirate didn’t stop from handmade wallets. If you don’t have any place to put your smartphones and tablets the Pirate made a way for you! They also have pouches for your gadgets which ranges from Php 150.00 to Php 350.00.

archie pouch, krafty pirate, pouches

Archie Pouch Php 350.00

kiko machine

Kiko Machine Pouch  (Php 150.00)

pouch, handmade pouch, wallets, krafty pirate

Calvin and Hobbes  (Php 180.00)

Basically, their prices ranges from Php 80.00 to Php 350.00.Krafty Pirate’s best selling wallets and pouches are Archie and Dr. Seuss. So if you are a fan you better hurry and grab the available Archie and Dr. Seuss designs! (good thing Dr. Seuss was still available when we were there). I really had fun seeing these old children books back to life in the form of wallets and pouches. It brought nostalgia for folks like me, the 90’s kids who adores Dr. Seuss and Archie!



Sapin Sapin Tanzan Accesories

sapin sapin, tanzan pins, handmade pins, handcraftedRemember Russell from UP the movie? The cute little Wilderness Explorer who keeps on annoying Carl to assist him so that he could have the “Assisting the Elderly” Patch? Well if you can still remember him then you’ll know where Sapin Sapin Tanzan inspiration came from!

Zerah Capili the young entrepreneur started all these pins made out of tanzans. She uses reused crown bottle caps for her unique items and splashes her own creativity into it. Sapin Sapin came to life 2009 having her friends as her customers at first then eventually she ventured out into tiangges, bazaars and events. Aside from pins, she also has necklaces, rings, hair clips and much more! so you better check them out

necklaces, pin necklace

Necklaces and Pins

rings, hairclips, sapin sapin, tanzan hairclips

 Hair clips and rings

Their unique accessories ranges from Php 80.00 to Php 300.00 since they have now a handmade watch which has doodled designs inside-

watch, handart, handmade

Hand drawn watch designs (Php 300.00)

Also, Sapin Sapin Tanzan Accessories are open for customized designs! So if you want to have holiday seasoned pins or your own design for necklaces and watches you can message and follow them here:



Never thought that it is possible to have those bottle crowns as accessories. I realized that there is whole lot more from the things that we perceive as scrap and off value. In a deeper sense, if we will only take a moment to look around us, and make use of the things we have, well I guess we will be of great help to this world. I do believe that we are all born with this creativity waiting to be discovered, as Pablo Picasso quoted “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” Being an artist is more than straight lines and color combinations. You can be an artist just like them, and who knows you might be able to give something new, unique, and creative to the eyes of the world.