When you talk about food spots, Maginhawa Street in UP Village will always be on the list.  It is a long street surrounded by food establishments rendering their own recipe of unique and creative must-try food and meals, with these, Maginhawa made its way on the culinary map.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been into Maginhawa, and if my memory serves me right it was because of Food Festival why we were there. Just a few days ago, We spent half a day and tried two food spots- Jek’s Kubo Bulalo at Ulo-Ulo along Maginhawa and The Wicked Kitchen (corner Makadios and Maginahawa)  and for this reason, this article is entitled “The Wicked Bulalo”


Jek’s Kubo Bulalo at Ulo-Ulo

 It is my second time in Jek’s and up until now I still don’t know who Jek is. We found our spot at the corner of the establishment and ordered their well-known Bulalo for Php 150.00 that can be shared by two people. It is a place jazzed up with a carenderia style which makes it more comforting to their diners. The color motif, brown, gray, white and highlights of yellow gave the refreshing atmosphere and it piled up more when our Bulalo was served. I expected the Bulalo served piping hot but ours was just warm, not what we’ve expected but the meat is extraordinarily soft, and the veggies left us with a crunch- just right for our taste buds.


 Bulalo Specialty Php 150.00

Aside from Bulalo they also offer Ulo-Ulo sa Miso (Php 130.00) another specialty, and their Kubo Favorites such as Adobo Flakes (Php 80.00), Beef Salpicao (Php 95.00), and Beef Tapa (Php 80.00)








The Wicked Kitchen

We opted to have our dessert at The Wicked Kitchen without the thought that it will be a long walk from Jek’s Kubo to our targeted place. We’ve almost scoured the entire length of Maginhawa from Jek’s Bulalo to Sikatuna Village just to look for Wicked Kitchen. Finally, after a few stop overs, we have at last gasp a sigh of relief when we found it located at the corner of Maginhawa and Makadios street. The place is cozy with typography prints on the walls, and gives a modern minimalist vibe. The black and red interior identifies why they’re named Wicked Kitchen.

eat wk


We spotted Wicked Kitchen at the second floor of the establishment. The place is roomy and can accommodate more or less 15 people. The crew are also friendly, so don’t be hesitant and feel free to ask them the must-try food on their list, especially their sweets!


 Gluttony Php 170.00


We tried to have Gluttony their bestseller for our dessert which is good for two (Php 170.00) and it is really a must try. Gluttony is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with mantecado ice cream on top, a great compliment to the crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside cookie. The ice cream scoop wasn’t that generous that’s why we ran out of ice cream or maybe because we ate most of it, but in any case this place is really a go-to. Truly a Wicked experience.


Other Wicked Menu

Jek’s Bulalo and Wicked Kitchen escapade was a great choice. It might be a long tedious walk from Jek’s to Wicked Kitchen but it was worth it! Follow them now on their facebook pages: