As a human being I would like to say sorry.

I’d like to say sorry to God, for wasting the precious time He had given me on this earth, for my own self interest, just looking out for myself. I’m sorry for spending all of my time browsing my Facebook instead of going out and exploring all wonderful things You had created. I’m sorry for rebelling against You, and taking my frustrations and anger out on You, I was weak.

Computer Logos Reflected in Eyeball - Apr 2009

I would like to say sorry to nature, for destroying life, thinking that I am above every other living creature. I’m very sorry for hunting down the beautiful creatures for my own sport, for my own comfort.  I’m sorry for destroying your face and your body, with all my trash and pollution, for contaminating your rivers with chemicals.  I’m sorry for depleting your resources for my hobby, Industrialism and Commercialism, taking more than what is needed and more than what is comfortable, I was selfish.



I would like to say sorry to my fellow human beings, for hurting them through my selfishness, placing myself first before their interest. I’m sorry being so defensive all the time and trusting no one, for finding fault in them instead of the good things, for blaming other human beings for what should have been collectively our faults, for all my war, for all my politics, I was self-righteous.



Finally I would like to say sorry to myself for not taking care of my body, with vices, smoking and drinking my life away, for not listening to the voice inside me to love more, to allow myself to be loved. I’m sorry for ignoring every wonderful, creative and genius idea that had presented itself to me. For that book I have never written, for that invention I did not create, for that person I did not help. I’m sorry for not loving myself, for putting myself down and allowing myself to be a slave of doubt, fear and rejection, I was not me.


I realized…

I need to see God and accept him, as I should. To see God first of all things, to accept with all humility that everything will fade, and that He is the ultimate force of the Universe that will remain forever, as it should be. I want to embrace him with my being, with my soul, as I should be doing, as I was designed to do.


I need to learn to respect all of life, all living beings put here in this earth with me, as I should be doing. To exist with nature and to stop taking more than what is necessary for my survival, to only take what I need, as I should be doing, as I was designed to do.



I need to learn to love and live peacefully with my brothers and sisters on this earth. To realize that no one is perfect and that it’s okay to be hurt by someone else once in a while. I want to learn to forgive when this happens, as I should be doing, as I was designed to do. I want to learn not to strike back when someone strikes me. I want to love everyone, even those that hurt me, as I should be doing, as I was designed to do.


I need to learn how to use my potential, to use every talent and skill given to me in this life, to be able to use them to help others, inspire others. I want to learn to write, to speak, to sing and to dance, to make art, paint and draw, to play music, I want to learn all these things. I need to know that my body and soul are not mine to squander, I need to learn how to take care of them, as I should be doing, as I was designed to do.

Flattered Woman Smiling

I need to live in peace, appreciate life and love as much as I could for as long as I could, as I should be doing. As I was designed to do, I need to be me.

If there’s anything you would like to add to what we can do to improve the way we live, share it to us in the comments section below.

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