It’s been one year since we graduated from our beloved Alma Mater. The prestigious University of Santo Tomas. We could never have imagined back then that we will be able to put up our own tech company Potatocodes Inc. and serve our alma mater by providing our services to them.

After a year of going into business and providing websites we had the privilege to work with the UST Office for Alumni Relations. We would like to share with you this story.

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After months of hard work and late night coding, we were able to launch it last September 29, 2015. We were delighted to be able to help the great vision of uniting the Thomasian Alumni in the modern space of the web, we present to you the new University of Santo Tomas Office for Alumni Relations Website! (click the link to go the website.)

It has been a heartwarming experience to work with the Office for Alumni Relations Staff.

Ma’am Fides Carlos and Ma’am Cherry Tanodra the Assistant Director of office has been coordinating with us right from the start. As Ma’am Cherry had put it, the thomasian journey doesn’t end upon graduation. Being a thomasian is a lifetime experience. Everything started with their vision of providing a portal for alumni to be informed and updated with the events UST has to offer.


The website is all Thomasian inside and out! From the clean yellow interface to the inner codings created by Thomasian programmers it’s truly a website for the tiger university. The website was designed by Mhariell Mosqueriola the Head Designer of Potatocodes Inc. Some students from the new UST IICS who interned in our startup were able to help out in the creation of the website.


I couldn’t be more proud of my team, as I know everyone gave all their hearts to deliver the project and to deliver it with excellence.

Undertaking the project was a challenging task for us since we know that fellow Thomasian Alumni will be viewing the site.

In the website you can find latest news and updates, inspiring thomasian stories and some articles to help you grow more in your careers. You can also explore the perks of having a thomasian alumni card, details of different alumni chapters and how you can be part of different projects of the UST Alumni. You can also update your records and share your own story for a chance to be featured on the site.

The website has been prepared for more enhancements in the future, like the thomasian spirit it will keep evolving to address the needs of the Thomasian Alumni.


We learned from this experience how the UST Staff can be all-heart when serving their fellow Thomasians. Everyone just literally gives more than enough to be able to finish the job with excellence. This pushed us to do our part as well and go the extra distance. In the end, UST is not just a community, more than just a second family and home, it’s part of who we are.


Working with technology is hard, it will take a lot of your time and it can be frustrating. But if you really love what you do, you will be able to help more people and give more. The Alumni Website is just the start, we will continuously pray to be able to serve our Alma Mater and our country with what has been given to us.

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