WordPress is one of the greatest additions to the web technologies out there. It enables website developers to create great websites without having to worry too much about the back-end part of the website project. There are many perks to using WordPress to develop websites. First and foremost:


This might be it’s one of the most defining features of the WordPress CMS.


Another advantage in using WordPress as a website development platform is the faster development time, where you can focus more on the front-end part and gives you more time and focus on your creativity and skipping most of the technical Php stuff.


Just like eating tuna sandwich, adding content becomes delicious. The user-friendly interface of WordPress will help you update your website anytime, anywhere!

updating wordpress backend

Our tutorial on how to manage the wordpress backend will get you started in no time.


Yes the WordPress web development platform may take a while to get used to and if you wish to add advanced features you would be sitting duck without any former knowledge about Php, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. However it really pays off if you wish to get really deep in website development.

For one the platform is really easy to setup once you get used to it. The database connection really involves just changing one file, and you’re good to go! You can read our step-by-step guide on how to install wordpress. The WordPress development only really gets hard once you get into more complicated animations and configurations on your categories in the back-end part.


Another main perk of being a WordPress website developer would be the large community that stands at your back ready to support you whenever. This really gets your confidence going especially if you’re a budding website developer. WordPress would certainly be one of the best CMS to start studying. If you need any technical help you can visit the forums.



Plugins! Don’t even get me started with plugins. Plugins are basically plug and play scripting tools which can add much needed features to your website from the essentials like Google Analytics, Social Sharing and Contact forms to more optional features like light boxes, tables, custom forms and much much more. I mean, new plugins keep popping up each day! There is a separate market for creating WordPress plugins. Yep! That’s how big it is. You can check for WordPress plugins in this website.


Wordpress Themes

If you haven’t got the time to think about extensive front-end development, there are also a large variety of themes to choose from. This enables you to automate the front-end part as well. WordPress themes vary widely from free themes to high-end commercial themes which you can buy for different kinds of licenses. With these feature, you can basically create a website from scratch without extensive know-how on coding. You can check more themes in the following websites:


If you really want your own website, a customized one, fitted to your personality and to your business objectives then there are also great WordPress website developers out there, like my startup company Potatocodes Web Development and Designs. You can check the kind of work we do in this link. You can also hire someone to do everything for you, and if you’re using WordPress you’ll be sure to be able to update your own website in no time.


I can’t even begin to express the wonders WordPress has done for my career as a website developer. Needless to say that it was the first CMS I learned, and up until now I’d recommend no other staple CMS or website platform that can be more convenient for budding website developers out there.

If you’re looking to start your website development career or just want to learn website development for the heck of it, I’d really recommend brushing up on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Php basics. Once you get this down, you can start exploring the world of WordPress website development.

Any experiences you have with the WordPress Development environment? Share your stories in the comments section below!