When it comes to burger satisfaction you’ll see various burger places standing tall in the metro, from the simplest burger stations to massive burger restaurants you’ll surely have one pick of where to have your burger cravings! The Burger Company located at Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Street, the reborn of the old Boulevard Diner is where I’ve found my gastronomical  solution – one of the best burger joints that can be found in Manila.

burger company, burgers, burger q.c.


The Burger Company welcomed us with the hand doodled colorful monsters in their walls. Upon stepping in, you’ll see the interior fairly simple with just a splash of red and yellow vibe, and a shelf filled with post-its from their various diners. They also have board games which you can play with your friends while having your own delectable burgers.  The place is spacious so you can definitely invite a bunch of your friends.

burger company, burgers, burger q.c.


burger company, burgers, burger q.c.


The Burger experience was really great. They offer really great burgers! We ordered Striker Burger (one of the best sellers) and from the bun to the right cooked patty and to the melting cheese, it definitely hit our hunger satisfaction. They also recommended Gorgonzola and Mushroom, and Green Chile classic. We also ordered their chicken wings with firefighter’s pride sauce. They have four sauces to choose from, New York Classic, Firefighter’s pride, El Nino, and Global Warming, good thing we didn’t dare to try Global Warming! The firefighter’s Pride has really kicked us out from our chairs and awakened our taste buds! We also had their Nachos Overload, and their Vanilla Milkshake. If you want something to put out the fire in your tongue then you have to grab their must-try Milkshake served thick and cold.

burger company, burgers, burger q.c., striker burger


Striker Burger single patty (Php 249.00)

 burger company, burgers, burger q.c., buffalo wings

Bufallo Wings with Firefighter’s Pride sauce ( Medium weight Php 210.00)

 burger company, burgers, burger q.c., nachos overload

Nachos Overload (Php 235.00)

burger company, burgers, burger q.c., vanilla milkshake

Vanilla Milkshake (Php 130.00)

We got the chance to talk to one of its owner, Mr. Alvin Ong of operations and he shared to us that they’ve been in the business for around one and a half years. The concept of burgers and board games (owned by Mr. Francis co-owner) is something they tried that fortunately clicked. They have observed that the diners who stayed up 3-4 hours playing board games seem to consume more than the regular ones, and so they thought it is a good thing to have burgers and board games in one. It only requires you a minimum order of Php 150.00 or just a burger to enjoy their unlimited board games. We had Ghosts Blitz as our game recommended by Mr. Alvin, a good reflex game for everyone.

burger company, burgers, burger q.c., board games

Burger Company is a must food spot that offers comfort food infused with culture that can really gratify your cravings. What makes them different from the others? It is their well-thought-of recipe for their various burgers, where everything started from scratch! As what Alvin quoted “We try to bring you the world through our burgers” So what to look forward from them? Expect more from their burgers and their upcoming Mystery Burger Festival this coming March! If you want to know what this Mystery Burger Festival is about, go check them at their Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/BurgerCompanyPH. Also, they have Acoustic sessions every Wednesdays and Comedy sessions during Thursdays (I guess I better save those days for some chill-outs). Having this tried out, I wouldn’t wonder why they are are considered as one of the best burger places in town. I can vouch that they really have great burgers that can be enjoyed with great company. I have added them to my list of favorites and so I recommend you should try them too!



72 Scout Reyes cor. Mother Ignacia Ave.,

Telephone No.: (632) 949-2269

Operating Hours – 11 am to 10 pm daily