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Using WordPress is as easy as 1, 2, 3, provided you know how to follow simple instructions. Here is a brief overview on why you should be using WordPress and a step by step guide on how to install WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS tool used to create a faster development environment for website developers. CMS platforms are Php frameworks that provide ready-made backend for websites. This means that you don’t have to code your backend from scratch and focus on other features of the website.

Now to get started!

You will need the following in order to start developing in WordPress


  • Xampp/Wampp or any localhost server – This will enable you to start developing websites from the comfort of your own pc. This will enable you to host you website files and database for your website project without a problem. For me I prefer to use xampp, since its open software and there are a lot of people who can help you if you encounter any problems.
  • A Reliable Text Editor – like any ol’ programming language, WordPress will also require you to do some heavy text editing, well that is if you really want to exploit the full capabilities of WordPress that is. I’d recommend Sublime Text which is pretty awesome; it’s like the Chuck Norris of text editors.
    Sublime Text
  • Basic background on HTML, Php, CSS and Javascript – A basic knowledge on all of these will help you utilize WordPress to its full potential.
  • The WordPress – You can download the WordPress website development tool for free. It’s just a basic foldering system containing all the php, javascript and css files needed by the framework.

To start you need to install xampp in your computer, and make sure that Apache and MySQL is running. Go to your trusty ole browser and type in the URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin, create your database, maybe name it themostawesomedb or something. You set? Alright, next we need to install our WordPress system, just maneuver on over the the local file url C://xampp/htdocs/ just unzip the WordPress tool you’ve just downloaded right here. So you should have C://xampp/htdocs/wordpress, you can rename the wordpress folder to anything you like, maybe themostawesomewebsite or something. Now, you can now check in your browser if you have talent in copy pasting things, just go on over to your browser again, type http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite now we can start installing WordPress.

  1. Configuring your database – The first step would be to configure your database connection. This just simply means that your website as a Php framework will never ever work without any database whatsoever. So you have to let WordPress know where you have your database so it can make its connection.

There are two ways to configure your database connection with WordPress:

  • The Automated Way – Go into your browser and type http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite and you should see some fields asking for database credentials like this one . Then you simply have to type in the details of your website, for the database name just type in themostawesomedb for the username and password use the username and password you chose as you were installing Xampp. Just keep all other info just the way they are. If you ecounter a problem going to this screen, then you have to make sure that you have the wp-config-sample.php in the root of your WordPress system, just simply check C://xampp/htdocs/themostawesomewebsite/wp-config-sample.php if it’s there.
  • The Manual Way – Just open the C://xampp/htdocs/themostawesomewebsite/wp-config-sample.php on your text editor. Replace the database info in the file and resave as C://xampp/htdocs/themostawesomewebsite/wp-config.php.

Just choose one and either way you’ll be connecting that database like a pro. Now it should take you to this page where you can provide the website details. Have you done it? Great! You’re one step away from becoming a WordPress Jedi! Now one more step to follow.

  1. Installing your website – Now you just need to provide WordPress with your website details. Input your Website Name and the username and password you prefer for the backend access of your website. WordPress will also require you to provide at least one email address.

If you have followed all the steps above you should be able to see your new website. Just open your browser again and go into http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite and you should see the basic WordPress default theme. You can also access the backend of your website through the url http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite/wp-admin. You can check your backend by entering the credentials you chose for the username and password in the website installation step. You can later change the theme for your website using the backend; you can either use some premade theme or create your own theme. If you want to know how themes in WordPress work, then just click the link.