Would you like to learn how to create your own website?

Elite daily, Rappler, Spotify, Zalora and Thought catalog are just some of the dominating websites you see online. They are some of the places in the online world where we can browse for new clothes without moving from our seats, and listen non-stop to our favorite songs. But have you ever thought how these websites were put up and made? Maybe yes and maybe no, but whatever it is one thing is for sure, you have the capability to build your own website! Your own blog page, or your new online store!


This coming July 11(Saturday), Potatocodes Web Development and Designs will hit the busy street of Malingap Street for half a day seminar at Hillcrest Wellness Café Sikatuna Village from 1pm – 5pm. The seminar will cover the essential parts of Web Development and Designs- HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Web Design and Layout, and WordPress. Web Devsmash’ speakers are Juan Miguel Alvarez, founder of Potatocodes and Mhariell Mosqueriola, Head Designer- The Potatocoders who will help you take the first step in making your own website. The seminar fee is P 1,000 inclusive of food (P300) from Hillcrest Wellness Cafe. So better register now and grab the chance! Limited slots only!

Potatocodes was established last year of May with the vision of making things simple. Do it the smart way. They have built over a dozen websites for over a year. You can check out their works at www.potatocodes.com . The seminar aims to spread the importance of website to today’s time and help interested students and professionals in making their own website masterpiece.

For interested web geeks you can register at- http://goo.gl/forms/cXbnVa2VPs

For more details and inquiries you can message us at

info@potatocodes.com or facebook.com/potatocodes

or  via SMS/Viber 09068774901