It’s been almost three years since we were tasked to do the University of Santo Tomas Office for Admissions Website back when I was in third year college. It was when I started my journey into the world of computer technology and websites. It had been a long way since then and yet we still have ways to go.

I will never forget our office in the Office for Admissions back then, every time our classes were finished I would go directly to the office and start working on the website. We would work tirelessly day in and day out just to deliver an excellent product. We were new to the technology but with the great opportunity of being able to prove our talents and skills with the project, we persevered.


Together with two other students from Engineering IICS and 3 other UST students from CFAD and AB we were able to arrive at the concept of a parallax website. The website was launched in January 2013 and had received good feedback since its launching. That was the moment I knew I had to go into website development. Together with 4 of my colleagues we started Potatocodes Inc., a tech company that aims to honor God and help change our world with smart ways of doing things.

Today we are excited to share with you the experience of being able to go past what we have created back then. We were tasked again to create a modern website that will exceed the last one. This was a real challenge due to the fact that we need to outperform and outdo ourselves. We present to you, the new University of Santo Tomas Office for Admissions Website! (yep! Just click the link)


For the new UST OFAD website we decided to go with the modern HTML5 video capabilities and loop an outstanding video production created by Suncraft Studio. Balaram Ochangco from the original OFAD website team is part of the company together with Russell Pua who’s also a thomasian talent in the field of Video Production. We just knew we had to put the video as the centerpiece for this website.

The vision is to create an admissions website for our Alma matter that will surpass expectations and bring forth a new standard to website design. With the talent and wit of our Head Designer Mhariell Mosqueriolla, we were able to create a new take to university websites as we were able to introduce the Thomasian life with a clean and modern website interface.


The website was launched early last week in the middle of the final preparations for the last USTET. It was a challenge launching the website but the heart of everyone who believed in the project pushed our team forward to persever and deliver the website.

What can you say about our journey with the UST OFAD website? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!