The leaves rustling and scattered,

when I pass,

they’re gone.

But the air seems quiescient.


Yet, peaceful like sleep.

And the morning dew

was revitalizing like the Evergreens.

The trees, they’re out of my reach.


To figure out why,

There the people

Servicing with all their might

Did some of them even had breakfast?


Yet , showing their sparkling teeth,

As if living beyond extraordinary,

Welcoming citizens amidst the heap

Of polluting smoke entering airways.


And who knows how much pay?

Is it enough to feed a whole family?

I wonder just how they survive

when the world seems to get smaller every single day.


Modern heroes you say?

But living a realistic paradox,

Of neither fish nor fowl,

in our perfectly blemished society.


So , the reason of not wearing capes

Is because of pure humility

Do we now understand,

How humanity overtakes?


Hitherto , did it ever cross your minds,

To appreciate what we have?

Instead of ramblings every morning,

Why not try observing your surroundings?


Thus, you’ll realize how imperfections…

Become perfect in the eyes of other people,

and how precious is life’s every single tear,

protruding from the blood and sweat of the earth.


Photo Courtesy to: Google Images