Blogs, blogs, blogs mo ay nakakatunaw! Blogs are here, blogs are there, blogs are everywhere!

What makes blogging so addicting and influential and how can it affect the future of our world?

I did a little bit of digging around. I learned that most of the bloggers today has a personal agenda with regards to influence and being able to reach out to as many people as possible. Most of the blogging websites and communities have their own brand of ideals and principles to follow.

And it has made a rallying call to the writers and readers to take part in the evolution of how we handle information. This call made me decide to take up arms (with my trusty old keyboard) to start a journey on blogging with It will be aimed towards helping change the world by partnering up and inspiring people.


On a personal level, I decided to become a blogger to grow as an individual and try to see things in a new perspective. Maybe after reading this article you’d like to start your own blog as well!


A blog is a website log that is updated regularly. The author of blogs will determine the use for their blogs, whether blogs are used as a personal diary, commentaries on recent events or reviews about products and services, blogs are no doubt a very powerful tool that provides massive chunks of information through the World Wide Web.


In our quest to share information and experiences we create an unbelievable amount of data, as  Doctor Kirk Borne stated in this very interesting Ted Talks. We produce 5 billion gigabytes from the moment you read the start of this paragraph to the point where you finish reading this article (the talk was from 2013 and the data we produce had exponentially grown by then). This is the same amount of data we created from the beginning of human history up to 2003. Blogs hold a large amount of this data.

Such is the influence of the blogosphere, the authors and the articles they write. It can influence the way we see people, things and products. Reading one article could be the difference between going out and buying that new phone, or eating out in that new restaurant.

The widening influence of blog can be seen the moment you log in to your Facebook account.


All of this data are also being shared right now in an unprecedented level through social networking sites. This means that whatever you share in your newsfeed can potentially be seen by millions of other people.


If we will be able to harness this power of blogs to share right ideas to the right people, we would be able to change minds. People reading about it will be inspired either to take action or forward these ideas to people who can do something about it.

Why not share ideas like Solar Roadways or bottle hacks like this one.


There are plenty of amazing and incredible inventions and products that can really help and even save people’s lives. By sharing these ideas, we can help foster a new culture of eager minds and open hearts. It will then be possible for tradition to shift to being all about media, glamour, fame and all the little trivial nonsense we see all around us to being all about the important things like improving lives, helping others and . How we use blogging will turn the gears of thinking and will help determine how humanity turns out as a whole.


Check out some of the best blogs that aim to change the world for the better.

Most often than not, I find myself disappointed with the topics that are trending right now. Majority of the people who frequent the internet have been irresponsibly spreading neuron-killing articles. Trending topics about some famous celebrities’ wedding, or about how one famous actress has twitted some things about her personal life. I am no exception! Admittedly I may have shared and clicked on a couple of unworthy links. I helped fuel useless discussions and it spread like wildfire to all of the people I’m connected with. I guess I’m writing to myself as much as I am writing to you. We all have to be more careful about what we share and like.

Blogging and sharing blogs is influential. This kind of influence can be used for the greater good. Spread ideas worth spreading! Just like what Ted Talks and other world-changing blogs out there are doing. *cough-Ideastalk! You as a reader or writer have this incredible power to change the world for the better right within your hands. With the click of a button you too can change the world.

Do you agree that blogging can help change our world? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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