Lettering conquers the new style of writing words and letters. You can’t simply draw a tail beside a circle and say out loud “its letter A!” because today in a greater scheme of things, letters can’t be just letters but also designs. From magazines to billboards, and even front doors of a unique book store you’ll see these intricately formed words that affects how people see, think, and feel. Thus, it gave birth to a new trend, Typography, where letters are etched with style in a printed matter.

In Typogsphere there’s this one unique person we met who graduated from UP and now a doodler, letterer, and owner of a business which is named after her- Ella Lama.

The story behind Ella Lama (The business)

ella lama, lettering


Ella started her business last March of 2014, it was the stress in work that inspired her to doodle and scribble letters which gave life to Ella Lama (the business).  The vision of lettering became more evident when she joined TypeKita, a typography exhibit where she saw the possibility of having a market. She starts to sell pins, notebooks, stickers with her own designs in bazaars and various events that opened new doors for her. She was partnered with Filed (planner) last year and did a lettering for a VTR under a T.V. station which she shared as one of the most memorable experience Ella Lama gave her. Today, Ella Lama is on the road for more bazaars and art events where she can sell her own designs and share her love for letters.  She is also up for any field of designs as what she said “Kahit ano dumating Yes lang,” If you want to see more of her work she has an Instagram account where she doodles various quotable quotes-

ella lama quotes, ella lama typog, ella lama lettering

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” 

ella lama quotes, ella lama typog, ella lama lettering

“Work hard and be nice to people”

ella lama quotes, ella lama typog, ella lama lettering

“Be daring. Be different. Be impractical. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary”

ella lama quotes, ella lama typog, ella lama lettering

“Quit slackin’ and start hustlin'”


Who’s Ella Lama (the person behind the business)

ella lama

“I am a frustrated artist” Ella confessed to us. “Kaya nag lettering ako kasi pag nagsulat ka, letter A is letter A. kahit balibaligtarin mo Letter A pa rin,”  Ella graduated under Arts and Letters and wanted to be a writer way back in college. She wants to write fictional articles which can inspire its readers, but even though her work and her business demands more from her she still wants to write if time permits. We got the chance to ask her about her passion and she said “Madalas yung mga ka officemate ko lumalapit sa akin for advice. Iniisip ko bakit sa akin? sabi nila kasi nagagawa ko daw kasi na pagsabayin yung work at gusto kong gawin. Siguro kung passion, yun yung to empower people to combine work and their passion,” she said.

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Ella wants to claim that this is the year for Ella Lama- “This is the year!” She wants to focus more on her business, and looking forward for socio-civic services that will cater to the less fortunate, and to do more creative stuff that will come along the way. If there’s this one important tip she wants to share to aspiring doodler and letterer peeps (like me), it’s just these three simple words- Practice every day. She didn’t go to any formal trainings or workshops of lettering and typography. It is actually the spark of interest and the will that she wants to learn something new that made her to be the kind of Ella Lama she is today.


ella lama and ideastalk, doodles, lettering

Before we left, we asked Ella if we could have an on-the spot lettering for us and gladly she accepted it! So below is the video of how she did our Ideastalk souvenir which is just really great. If there’s this one thing that I applaud her for being Ella Lama it would be her answer when we asked if she wants to have a book published with all her letterings and designs,

“oo gusto ko, yun yung parang validation once may gusto mag publish ng gawa mo pero kung gusto mo siya (yung ginagawa mo) there’s no need for validation. Kahit 20 pages lang yan pwede ng ipublish”


Give Ella a shout! Message her through the details below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllaDoodles

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ella_lama/

Contact: 0906 453 3552

Photos from facebook and instagram account