The Perks of Using WordPress

The Perks of Using WordPress



WordPress is one of the greatest additions to the web technologies out there. It enables website developers to create great websites without having to worry too much about the back-end part of the website project. There are many perks to using WordPress to develop websites. First and foremost:


This might be it’s one of the most defining features of the WordPress CMS.


Another advantage in using WordPress as a website development platform is the faster development time, where you can focus more on the front-end part and gives you more time and focus on your creativity and skipping most of the technical Php stuff.


Just like eating tuna sandwich, adding content becomes delicious. The user-friendly interface of WordPress will help you update your website anytime, anywhere!

updating wordpress backend

Our tutorial on how to manage the wordpress backend will get you started in no time.


Yes the WordPress web development platform may take a while to get used to and if you wish to add advanced features you would be sitting duck without any former knowledge about Php, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. However it really pays off if you wish to get really deep in website development.

For one the platform is really easy to setup once you get used to it. The database connection really involves just changing one file, and you’re good to go! You can read our step-by-step guide on how to install wordpress. The WordPress development only really gets hard once you get into more complicated animations and configurations on your categories in the back-end part.


Another main perk of being a WordPress website developer would be the large community that stands at your back ready to support you whenever. This really gets your confidence going especially if you’re a budding website developer. WordPress would certainly be one of the best CMS to start studying. If you need any technical help you can visit the forums.



Plugins! Don’t even get me started with plugins. Plugins are basically plug and play scripting tools which can add much needed features to your website from the essentials like Google Analytics, Social Sharing and Contact forms to more optional features like light boxes, tables, custom forms and much much more. I mean, new plugins keep popping up each day! There is a separate market for creating WordPress plugins. Yep! That’s how big it is. You can check for WordPress plugins in this website.


Wordpress Themes

If you haven’t got the time to think about extensive front-end development, there are also a large variety of themes to choose from. This enables you to automate the front-end part as well. WordPress themes vary widely from free themes to high-end commercial themes which you can buy for different kinds of licenses. With these feature, you can basically create a website from scratch without extensive know-how on coding. You can check more themes in the following websites:


If you really want your own website, a customized one, fitted to your personality and to your business objectives then there are also great WordPress website developers out there, like my startup company Potatocodes Web Development and Designs. You can check the kind of work we do in this link. You can also hire someone to do everything for you, and if you’re using WordPress you’ll be sure to be able to update your own website in no time.


I can’t even begin to express the wonders WordPress has done for my career as a website developer. Needless to say that it was the first CMS I learned, and up until now I’d recommend no other staple CMS or website platform that can be more convenient for budding website developers out there.

If you’re looking to start your website development career or just want to learn website development for the heck of it, I’d really recommend brushing up on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Php basics. Once you get this down, you can start exploring the world of WordPress website development.

Any experiences you have with the WordPress Development environment? Share your stories in the comments section below!

How to add content to your website using WordPress

How to add content to your website using WordPress

If you’re using WordPress then adding content to your website should be as easy as eating chocolate sundae! Of course content is very important, you silly pumpkin! You may have all the flashy animations and prettiest designs in the whole of the web and it won’t matter without the valuable and comprehensive content that your visitors can appreciate and use.

The WordPress backend as we website tinkering folks like to call it is a user friendly interface that simply allows you to add the much needed content to your website.

For you to understand the WordPress backend, I broke down the parts into sections that focus on a particular content that you can edit.


You don’t have to be a computer wizard to log in. Go ahead and type your credentials on the fields and click on the LOGIN button.

Logging in to wordpress

Once you are successfully logged in, you will see this page.

Wordpress Dashboard


When creating pages you need to consider the ‘main’ parts of your website that you need to be accessible to your viewers at all times. Common pages in a website may be “Home” “About Us” “Contact Us”

  1. Click on PAGES then click ADD NEW
    adding a new page to wordpress

  2. Type in the title of your page in the TITLE FIELD

  3. Copy and paste or type your content into the text box
    editing pages in wordpress

  4. Click the PUBLISH button. You can also set the time and date you want the post to be published.
    publishing new page in wordpress

    To set the time and date of your post just click on the edit link near the Publish immediately

    scheduling publishing page in wordpress

    Edit the time and date and click on OK button

    updating schedule posting wordpress


Posts range from ordinary news or blog articles to products and people. WordPress posts are versatile as they come. When you learn how to create custom post types you will be able to create the molecular parts of your website.

  1. Click on POSTS then click ADD NEW

  2. Type in your title on the TITLE FIELD

  3. Copy and paste or type your content into the text box
    editing posts in wordpress

  4. Click the PUBLISH button. You can also set the time and date you want the post to be published.

    publishing posts in wordpress

    To set the time and date of your post just click on the edit link near the Publish immediately

    scheduling posting in wordpress

    Edit the time and date and click on OK button

    updating scheduling in wordpress


Depending on the theme you are using, you may also have the capability to edit the menu navigation of your website.

  1. Hover on APPEARANCE and click on MENUS
    updating menus in wordpress

  2. If you haven’t created your menu yet, click on CREATE MENU
    creating menu in wordpress

  3. You can add items to your menu from the box on the right
    this includes pages, posts and links.
    menu items in wordpress

  4. You can set a few things here, like labels. Rearrange the menu by dragging and dropping the items.
    rearranging menu items in wordpress

  5. Don’t forget to click SAVE MENU once you’re done.
    saving menu settings in wordpress


Any website will need images to keep things interesting. As they say, “A picture paints a thousand words”. Frankly a website just doesn’t have that spunk without images! Images are as important as the words that are contained within your website. At times it may even be more important.

You can add images while editing a page or a post

  1. Just click ADD MEDIA
    adding media to post in wordpress

  2. You can either choose an uploaded image or upload images from your computer

    adding image from library in wordpressuploading image from computer in wordpress

  3. Click INSERT TO POST button
    inserting image to post in wordpress

  4. You can edit the image by hovering on it and clicking the EDIT ICON
    editing images in wordpress

  5. You can set a few things here. Don’t forget the alternative text since it will help improve your SEO ranking. Click the UPDATE button once you’re done!
    updating images in wordpressDon’t forget to click UPDATE or PUBLISH button again!


You can also add images through the MEDIA button on the left navigation
adding images through media library

adding images from computer to image library in wordpress



You should also keep your linkages updated

You can edit words in your pages and post and add a link

  1. Just highlight the words you want to add a link to
    adding link to text in wordpress

  2. Click on the ADD LINK ICON
    link icon in wordpress

  3. Type in the link in the URL field and click the ADD LINK button
    editing links in wordpress
    There! Your highlighted text is now linked.
    Now click PUBLISH or UPDATE to preserve your changes!
    updating links in wordpress

The WordPress backend gives you a user-friendly interface for you to edit your website’s content. Even without needing to study html and website development you can definitely shape your website content to your heart’s desire!

Do you have questions on how to edit your website content using WordPress?

Why being a Computer Geek is Awesome

You may be a tech consultant, a project manager or a game tester playing your days out to your heart’s content. You should realize by now that being a wizard in the field of Information Technology really is awesome! Besides being the ‘tech expert’ in your family being the source of all technological needs and fixes, you my friend, as an official computer geek, get to help shape the future! Maybe by creating artificial intelligent robots that will conquer the world someday or by simply creating a simple mobile application that can help improve and even save lives.

In my own experience, I have seen and tasted the various delights the field of computer tinkering has to offer.

Here are some of the main points on why you should appreciate your work as an IT expert:

You get to think outside the box – having computer programming and hacking as your profession, the world is a sandbox. Everything has more or less a computer programming part in it nowadays that if you really excel in your chosen profession, then you might as well conquer the world. You are not restricted to one field of profession, since information technology overlaps with many professions. You can go into website development, game development, blog, maybe contact the military and provide them with new gizmos to play with. You can even change the world using simple applications and hacks.

Trying out first hand, cool, new technology – Being in the frontlines of technology you have the privilege to be the first ones to know about new technology and sometimes you get to be the first ones to play with them too. While a lawyer may be browsing over case files, or some architect sketching out his plans, you could be in your garage making your own iron man outfit.

You get to help a lot of people – In my experience, one of the most rewarding things about being a computer geek would be the people that I help in all my days of tinkering. These are the people whose lives you’ve helped improved.

High Demand – Many business experts have also concluded that Information Technology is the new most demanded profession by the 20th century. As we see a rise in technological breakthroughs so will we see an increase in the demand for tech-savvy warriors! This means there will always be a job waiting for you, if you know where to look.

High Paying Jobs – The high demand in the profession also logically improves the average salary of programmers and tech experts. If you have the skills needed by the larger companies, you may well be seeing yourself in your own luxury home in no time!

Taking up Computer Science and Information Technology as a career path may be challenging sometimes, I’ve also listed some of the most challenging things about being a computer expert in the field of Information Technology. However considering all the cool stuff you get to play with and all the exciting things you can encounter, well it might be well worth your trouble.

Do you have any exciting adventure as an IT expert you want to share with us? We’d like to hear your stories in the comments section below!


Step by Step Guide on Installing WordPress

Step by Step Guide on Installing WordPress

install wordpress, wordpress guide, wordpress

WordPress logo

Using WordPress is as easy as 1, 2, 3, provided you know how to follow simple instructions. Here is a brief overview on why you should be using WordPress and a step by step guide on how to install WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS tool used to create a faster development environment for website developers. CMS platforms are Php frameworks that provide ready-made backend for websites. This means that you don’t have to code your backend from scratch and focus on other features of the website.

Now to get started!

You will need the following in order to start developing in WordPress


  • Xampp/Wampp or any localhost server – This will enable you to start developing websites from the comfort of your own pc. This will enable you to host you website files and database for your website project without a problem. For me I prefer to use xampp, since its open software and there are a lot of people who can help you if you encounter any problems.
  • A Reliable Text Editor – like any ol’ programming language, WordPress will also require you to do some heavy text editing, well that is if you really want to exploit the full capabilities of WordPress that is. I’d recommend Sublime Text which is pretty awesome; it’s like the Chuck Norris of text editors.
    Sublime Text
  • Basic background on HTML, Php, CSS and Javascript – A basic knowledge on all of these will help you utilize WordPress to its full potential.
  • The WordPress – You can download the WordPress website development tool for free. It’s just a basic foldering system containing all the php, javascript and css files needed by the framework.

To start you need to install xampp in your computer, and make sure that Apache and MySQL is running. Go to your trusty ole browser and type in the URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin, create your database, maybe name it themostawesomedb or something. You set? Alright, next we need to install our WordPress system, just maneuver on over the the local file url C://xampp/htdocs/ just unzip the WordPress tool you’ve just downloaded right here. So you should have C://xampp/htdocs/wordpress, you can rename the wordpress folder to anything you like, maybe themostawesomewebsite or something. Now, you can now check in your browser if you have talent in copy pasting things, just go on over to your browser again, type http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite now we can start installing WordPress.

  1. Configuring your database – The first step would be to configure your database connection. This just simply means that your website as a Php framework will never ever work without any database whatsoever. So you have to let WordPress know where you have your database so it can make its connection.

There are two ways to configure your database connection with WordPress:

  • The Automated Way – Go into your browser and type http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite and you should see some fields asking for database credentials like this one . Then you simply have to type in the details of your website, for the database name just type in themostawesomedb for the username and password use the username and password you chose as you were installing Xampp. Just keep all other info just the way they are. If you ecounter a problem going to this screen, then you have to make sure that you have the wp-config-sample.php in the root of your WordPress system, just simply check C://xampp/htdocs/themostawesomewebsite/wp-config-sample.php if it’s there.
  • The Manual Way – Just open the C://xampp/htdocs/themostawesomewebsite/wp-config-sample.php on your text editor. Replace the database info in the file and resave as C://xampp/htdocs/themostawesomewebsite/wp-config.php.

Just choose one and either way you’ll be connecting that database like a pro. Now it should take you to this page where you can provide the website details. Have you done it? Great! You’re one step away from becoming a WordPress Jedi! Now one more step to follow.

  1. Installing your website – Now you just need to provide WordPress with your website details. Input your Website Name and the username and password you prefer for the backend access of your website. WordPress will also require you to provide at least one email address.

If you have followed all the steps above you should be able to see your new website. Just open your browser again and go into http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite and you should see the basic WordPress default theme. You can also access the backend of your website through the url http://localhost/themostawesomewebsite/wp-admin. You can check your backend by entering the credentials you chose for the username and password in the website installation step. You can later change the theme for your website using the backend; you can either use some premade theme or create your own theme. If you want to know how themes in WordPress work, then just click the link.