They lost someone who loved them more than anyone could

They lost someone who loved them more than anyone could


To all the women who are grieving to the lost of some man. Whatever the reason it may be, remember this: He lost someone who loved him more than anyone could.

To all the men who are grieving to the lost of some woman. Whatever the reason it may be, remember this: She lost someone who loved her more than anyone could.

To anyone who is reading this, I hope this gives a shake in your head and a tap in your heart. You shouldn’t be grieving over someone’s lost and not realizing that they lost a bigger part of their lives. They lost YOU.  No one can love them in any way that you have loved them. Keep that in mind.




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Bitter? You definitely have to see this #hugotpamore

Bitter? You definitely have to see this #hugotpamore


For all the brokenhearted, friendzoned, alone, bigo, and bitter people. We found an account in Instagram that will bring out your hugot moments: @daminghugot  So here are the some of the  best #hugotpamore posts:


fallAray #DamingHugot



Assuming #DamingHugot



Walang darating #DamingHugot

Move on

move on

 Parang wala lang sayo yung nangyari satin. So ganun ganon nalang yon? #DamingHugot#MayNahanapAgadSiyangIba

May Forever


True story #DamingHugot

Sana nakakapayat ang feelings


Yung totoo #daminghugot



Di ko sinasadya #DamingHugot


iwan sa ere

One day you’re here, one day you’re there. You’re so unfair #DamingHugot #SanayNako



Mali talaga #DamingHugot

Kung Alam Mo Lang

kung alam mo lang

Ang pinagdadaanan ko ngayon #DamingHugot



For commitment…. Kelan ka nga ba magiging ready?#DamingHugot#KungGustoKaTalagaNiyaReadyNaSiYa



Sabi mo ayaw na #DamingHugot #ReplyNamanAkoAgad 

#DiKitaMatiis #WalaKangMagagawaMahalMoE 

#FML #neverEndingProcess #BoredLangSiyaWagKangMagOverthink

Ilang Forever?


Pang ilan na nga ba? #DamingHugot



Men and women can never be “just friends”. So why are you expecting more from him? #DamingHugot

Nandito Pa rin

nandito pa rin

 Ilang beses mo nako sinasaktan. Di ko alam kung bakit … #DamingHugot


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9 signs that you are emotionally attached

9 signs that you are emotionally attached

    1. You think of that person most of the time.

      You miss him/her a lot.In the cinema, school, restaurants, or anywhere. How much you wish you could spend an entire day.


    3.  You keep everything in your safe vault.

      You are sentimental. From simple ‘Good morning messages’ to personal notes and letters, you keep them


    5. You have your priority list.

      That someone is on top of your list. Once you want to try something new he/she is the one you’ll have in mind. You cancel and re-schedule dates just to give way to your spontaneous adventures.


    7. You keep in mind dates because they are of importance to you.

      You know the first day you met, the day you had your lunch together, and even the date you sent your first SMS message. You have them written carefully in you planner.


    9. You think of giving or preparing surprises.

      Birthdays, holidays are the days you are looking forward to give out your well planned surprises.


    11. You have a walking diary.

      Well that someone is your walking diary. Once you got home, you immediately tell him/her about your day, how such a great nuisance your boss or professor is, how you aced your exams, and how much you missed him/her.


    13. You cherish even the smallest gestures. 

      Gestures means so much.


    15. You cling a lot to that someone who is dear to you.

      You are like sticky jelly creature when you’re with him/her.


    17. Lastly, you’re thankful  you’ve  met them and welcomed them into your life.

      You’re glad that you’ve known someone well.

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Perks of being an only child

Perks of being an only child

“Being an only child makes me the oldest child and the youngest child. And the middle child” – Jarod Kintz

I am in my early 20s and my mom starts to annoy me with the thought- “what if you’ll have a sibling?” During my high school years I would spend staring in a blank white wall of our house with the question “why my parents didn’t consider having another child?” “Haven’t they realize that it would be agonizing on my part?” but then one day a thought flickered before my eyes, and I just knew I have to stop from pondering on the same question all over again.  I accepted the fact that I am their only child, and I will always be.

only child

My childhood was pretty routinary. I spent my wee hours playing alone and talking to myself repetitively until the moon shows up from the vast dark sky and the next thing I know, it’s time to sleep. Unlike any other only child, I wasn’t spoiled by my parents, there would be some toys that I can’t get even though I implore wholeheartedly and cry my heart out. But if there is something that I learned from how my parents raised me, it would be the simple rule that I have to earn and work hard for something that I want to get out of life. High grades, numerous star stamped mark on my hand, good school performance is what I worked on in my elementary days just to get the things that I wanted. As time continues to add years to my life which goes indirectly proportional to my weight, I realized that amidst the immense amount of solitude I get from being an only child, I can still be happy. My solitude turned into my time of knowing myself even more, and a time of unfolding the things that the world has hid from me. I started to love the fact that I am my parent’s only daughter. I am their only child.

“How does it feel to be an only child?” they ask me. “Just fine” I would tell them. But being as such is more than just fine, there’s a whole a lot more to being an only child and these are the things I went searching for and things I have discovered:

  • You get to have tons of brothers and sisters. There’s a certain time that I became thankful because I can actually treat my friends as my younger sister/brother or older sister/brother. I may not have a legit sibling because He gave me more than I can have.


  • You can choose to be a sister to anyone whom you want. There are some whom I know I can’t be good friends with maybe because of personalities, lifestyle, and principles. And so being an only child gives me the opportunity to be a sister to anyone I want to. It has given me freedom.


  • No hand-me-down. This is the best thing about being the only child. You get to wear and use all the newly bought clothes and items. The thought of complaining that it has been used or worn by your brother or sisters during their 5th grade is far from grasp.


  • Absence of favoritism. Favoritism has been an issue to some families. I’ve friends ranting about their parents, that her younger brother always get the first Christmas gift and so on and so forth. But if you are your parent’s only child then all the odds will always be in your favor.


  • You get to do things on your own. You learn to do your project and homework alone. It might be burdensome at first that you have to do it yourself, but in the long run it will make sense.


These are just some of the numerous perks of being an only child, and I know that it also has its disadvantages. An article was written by BBC- 20 tales of being an only child. It is an article that manifested the experiences, and the positive and negative views the single children have.

You may not get to choose the kind of state you will be as you start your life, but it will be your choice to what kind of state you will be at the end of it. To some, being the family’s only child is unfair but it all depends on how you look at it. It depends on which side of the box you are looking at, and I suggest you try to look at the side where the light comes in- the brighter side and make the most out of that.

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10 Important Lessons I learned from Failure

10 Important Lessons I learned from Failure

“Sometimes by losing a battle,you find a new way

to win the war” – Donald trump

Rising up from failure

I have failed countless times! I had failed a lot, and I got hold of important lessons from those failures. These lessons always remind me of the important things and helped me become a better person.

  1. You have a choice – You are not being dragged by fate. If you rely on luck, you will never get anywhere. Winning or losing is based on your choices.

  2. Respond, don’t react- Often times when we feel cornered, we react to things and we regret our reactions. At times when we fail, we react immediately without thinking and it just pins us down deeper. When we fail, we need time to recover.

  3. Stay humble – Someone once said, great people are those who know how to win with humility and to fail with dignity. There were times when I failed because of pride. Pride can often blind us in the battlefield; we need to keep humility in our hearts to be able to see clearly.

  4. Emotions are temporary- Never trust your emotions. As human beings we are emotional creatures, and this can sometimes be disadvantageous. When we rely on our emotions we fail to make the right decisions.

  5. Look at the stars – We need to learn to look for beauty in everything. Even in failure. When troubles bring you to your knees, pray. When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars. When you learn to count failure as a blessing, you will have appreciated life even more.

  6. Pain is temporary – At times it will be painful to fail. Really painful! Excruciating! But please remember in the middle of the excruciating pain, that it will not stay that way. You may have wounds at times, but wounds will heal.

  7. Don’t stay. Move! – Often times when we fail, we get stuck. Regretting over our failure and being unable to move on. You need to remember that greater things are ahead of you, and that you can’t succeed without moving forward.

  8. Remove fear- To win at something, you need to remove fear. More specifically you have to ignore it. Fear will always be in the rear view mirror, you have to keep it there and focus on the road ahead. Once you remove fear, you will be able to realize great things inside of you.

  9. Failing to plan is planning to fail – I sometimes charge into battle without any plan, this often leads to failure. You should have a plan and a plan B. When there’s time, use the whole alphabet.

  10. How to win- When you fail, you learn something that will take you one step closer to success. A great man once said that it is important for us to learn how to fail towards success.

Everything I learned from failure had helped me to appreciate life more. I learned that failure is not permanent, and that it is needed to make us grow. Failure is a stepping stone towards success!

What have you learned from past mistakes? Share your stories with us on the comments section below!

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