Ever imagined café and camera combined?

It’s a good thing to see that Metro Manila is embracing and welcoming cafes lately. You see owners thriving to have their coffee aroma stand out from the crowd, and how they burn the oil to think of concepts that will entice their target market. Having coffee shops is one great risk to take, aside from great competitors, you have to think of a bizarre yet one-of-a-kind approach that can make the people say ‘Yes’ to your cafe. Fortunately, we’ve found one who took the chance of taking their cafe to the next level with the infusion of photography in every aspect. So clean out your lenses and zoom it in to this quaint, little café along Maginhawa street- Caffera Café the first photography themed café in the Metro.

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I’ve been into several cafés and Caffera is that one place that really made a difference among all. From their walls, lights, and even to their mugs, you can vouch that this place is all about pictures, and cameras. It can accommodate up to 15 patrons both inside and out (veranda), it might be too small but with the coffee, food, and creativity splashed into this café, you’ll surely spend more time than what you desire. So let me take you on a tour of this awe-inspiring place.


Caffera Menu and Counter


Camera clock

Caffera didn’t fail in bringing out photography out of its lenses and frames because even in their menu, photography has its presence.  Instead of having Frappuccino, they turned it into Frapperture, and instead of the usual hot coffee names they mashed it up with Instagram filters like X-PRO Espresso, Amaro Cano, and Lomo Latte. Also, they didn’t stick with the tall, grande, and venti sizes. They had it the Caffera way- it is Pixel and Megapixel. Creativity at its finest!

We had their best sellers Caramel and Tiramisu Frapperture Php 130.00 each with whipped cream topped with a tiny fondant 2D DSLR. We also tried Chocolate chip cookie smores for Php 110.00. Its sweetness is just right. I just love how they opted to have cookie chips than the usual graham crackers for s’mores.




Chocolate Chip cookie s'mores

Chocolate chip cookie s’mores

Photography fever doesn’t stop there. Who could ever thought that you can have camera lenses as substitute for mugs and for lights? Well, Caffera took the shot. You might not believe at first but once you got a hold of the camera lenses, you’ll have the same reaction as mine “pwede pala to!” Aside from having these, they got their walls clothed with photographs that add ups more to the vibe.


Camera lens mugs



caffera lights

Camera lights (see how innovative they are)

If photos can be hanged up on a wall then the same thing goes with real life cameras. I am a fan of vintage cameras and when I saw them, I thought of snatching them out and taking them home, but I guess it’s better just to leave them right where they are. They also have a spot for your notes and for your calling cards. So better grab that chance to post your calling card because who knows, maybe an unlocked door can be opened.


Cameras hanged on the wall


“When life gets blurry adjust your focus”

caffera cards

You can also post your calling cards

The people behind Caffera are not the usual people you’ll expect to see in the business industry because they are actually students! Caffera is owned by Jyka Espinoza, Jizel Hacutina, Gabriel Valera, and Kevin Yu who are all senior Entrepreneur students of University of Santo Tomas. They had it started September last year as an implementation for their thesis, and with Caffera’s outcome I bet they deserve a flat one for this one. Evidently, Caffera is the outcome of Café and Camera. I asked them why they opted to have photography concept instead of contemporary, and they said that they’ve observed that this is a season where most of the people took photos of the food they eat and places they go to. Caffera plans to expand for a bigger place to accommodate more customers, and they are also open for events since they plan to have a Cafe booth. So you better go and check them out.


I’m just glad that I was able to visit this place. Aside from the way its interior and the food is designed, conceptualized and presented, and the way imagination and inventiveness has been set free in its walls, what amazes me is the fact that this is actually owned by four graduating students. Well I guess being in the business is not a matter of money (well just second in the priority list) but a matter of faith. Will you see it as a risk or as a chance? And with these students they risked to see it as a chance, and it is. Kudos to the brave hearts of these four young people!

Facebook: cafferaph

Twitter: caffera_ph

Instagram: caffera_ph

Address: 2/F Dona Zenona Suites, 54 Maginhawa street cor Mahusay, UP Village