Imagine walking to school in the University Belt and suddenly you see drones humming through the air with different errands to run. One drone accompanying a student playing audio lesson notes before the exam. Another drone seems to be delivering food products somewhere. There’s also a drone facing traffic in Espanya seemingly collecting data about traffic, this data will be fed to a data-center inside UST which will be used by students and faculty who will study how we can improve traffic conditions. You get to the classroom and you put on your VR headset for your virtual class which will give you a microscopic view of the plant cell your class has been studying.

It is now possible, the technology to do this exists, we just need more people looking towards what can be done with these technologies. We need our students here in Ubelt to unleash their creativity with what can be done. Gone are the days when we complain about the traffic, the government or pollution. All the worst problems being faced by our society can now be taken care of with innovation and outside-the-box thinking.

It has been more than two-months since we decided to start our own startup community in our beloved Alma Mater, the University of Santo Tomas. Two weeks after our last event held in UST entitled You Start Up where we exposed the students to the startup community.

We build this community in the hopes of opening minds and sparking ideas, we need people coming together with their own version of tech and business applications. I know a lot of Thomasian Alumni will support this cause. As one of them I know a student with enough vision, a great idea and a heart for execution, perseverance and down-right determination will be able to change our society.

Through this community (The UST Startup Community) I know someday students will be more free to talk about their ideas and inventions, and everyday we’ll come up with new innovative applications for technology. We’ll be able to discuss these ideas with our friends and find like-minded individuals we can work with. We can even change the passive Filipino passive complaining mentality and start our own pro-active, solution-oriented culture where everyone can work towards a common goal. For us Thomasians, we will start here in UST.
Dreams don’t care about politics. Some may say that it’s not politically correct to say that we can build another Silicon Valley in U-belt but we’ll still keep it as a goal anyway. I’m not saying that we’ll recreate another identical Silicon Valley, we’ll create our own a better, Filipino version of it. It’s really cruel how our society has been telling us for so long to stop dreaming, to just play safe and to go with the flow. I say it’s about the right time we start dreaming again, building organizations, inventions, putting up our own companies and changing the status quo.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

This also serves as a retreat letter to Nicole Alsace Cablar who will be having her retreat next Saturday. (Al by the way is one of the student volunteers from UST TAG who gave her time and dedication to the first major event of USTartup, she is also now a member of the collaboration team). Al you are one tenacious individual, I salute your passion and your drive. You have inspired me to do more too. Keep growing and you’ll find out soon enough that with people who believe in you, nothing will be impossible. So to Al and all your classmates and Tag Mates, including Diane, Souichi, the other Dianne, Ed, James, the student volunteers that I had the honor of working with, I know you guys are crazy enough and I know that together we can create our own Silicon Valley here in Ubelt and someday soon change our world for the better.

Peace and Love!