Just to make things clear, this is not in any way an article to dissuade the supporters of Mayor Duterte from voting him in the next election. Our vote is ours to make, but we have to be unified to some degree if we want to make a meaningful impact.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about mayor Rodrigo Duterte and how he’s now becoming the people’s champion against crime. I was almost at the point of going all out myself and campaigning for Mayor Duterte as my president but then along the way I found some things that made me think twice.


I just want to share legitimate concerns with all of you, and this is also for myself to find peace with my own vote and to spark intellectual discussions about the issues at hand.

  1. About the possibility of killings

    We’re about to elect someone who might be willing to go out of his way to punish (even kill) the law-breakers. News flash people: That’s almost all of us! YES! Let me ask you the question: Kelan ka huling tumawid sa tamang tawiran? Kelan ka huling bumaba sa tamang babaan?

    It’s easy to say that killing someone is fine if it’s some distant person from you, the typical drug addict, the common criminal. But what if there’s more to the story? What if it was the father of your friend? The mother of your classmate? How about a member of your family? Your wife or husband?

    A lot of people have also been saying that this is exactly what we need to remove criminals from our society. I don’t agree, Haven’t we had enough death on our hands already with the typhoon Yolanda and the SAF encounter? Naniniwala ako na hindi natin kailangan pumatay para baguhin ang bansa.hate begets hate
    A person’s life is not ours to take. If you fight hate with hatred, you get more hate. There’s only one way we can all win, and that’s with peace and love. Are we really able to throw out compassion, peace and love out the window just to arrive at…

  2. Instant Solutions

    Mahilig ako sa instant na solusyon! I admit it, I would love to be able to change this country with one vote, one election. Done deal! But that’s when I started thinking, sometimes when it’s to good to be true you have to look again and I did. What will happen if we all relied on one person to change this country?

    This kind of pressure that will be placed on one man who will go to his limits in implementing his own justice system might just spark more violence and fighting amongst ourselves.

    I believe that right now the change that we Filipinos need, is something that will come from each and everyone of us and not just one man. This Messiah complex might run us down as a country even more. We all the need to realize that the solution for our country is not external, but internal. Being able to follow simple traffic rules individually and helping each other out day by day.

    Which would you prefer? Taking steroids and getting big immediately or going to the gym and working hard for the kind of body you want? If we want to build a strong nation for our children. Then we need to work hard for it, we need to do it brick by brick, each and every one of us.

  3. Are we really ready for his type of leadership?Again, it’s not Mayor Rodrigo Duterte I’m worried about. He seems like a very capable man, a great leader, as this infographic shows but the thing that scares me is us. Are we ready to bend, because with someone like Mayor Duterte as president, it’s either we bend or we break.

    Let’s ask ourselves, are we really willing to throw out our good ideals for a quick solution?Some videos circling online involving an interview with Mayor Duterte cursing the pope (I’m not Catholic, but that man is a good man) and about a couple of affairs are making me question his ability to set a good example too.

    Mareklamo ako, ganun din ang pamilya ko at mga kaibigan ko. Every issue na maririnig sa balita, sa presidente ang sisi or sa gobyerno in general. Let’s say Mayor Duterte wins the 2016 elections, I don’t think he will be gracious enough with those who will try to oppose him. Check and balance might just go out the window when it is needed the most.Symbol_Justice

Decide for yourself who to vote for. I’m not saying that I’m not voting for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, I’m still considering all the facts available to me. Writing this article is also one avenue for me to ask your opinions and discuss with you these things. You can also check the sources and please do. This is our right, so let’s use it. This is the time of our generation to speak out. More than just voting, we can join meaningful discussions, learn more from each other and reach a certain degree of unity with our voices. Let’s all take our time to research and find out more about the candidates. We get the next choice after six years.

When all is said and done, whoever wins the next election, it will not just depend on them to change our nation, it will be in my hands, yours, each and everyone of us. This is our country, our home. If we can’t believe that we can change it, then who will?

Here’s a song I composed with my friend, just a simple message to all my countrymen who desire change as much as I do.

I just had to speak out and find the answers I’m looking for from my fellow Filipinos who are going through the same problems everyday. What do you think about these issues? Who do you think will be the best qualified leader to lead our nation? Hit the comments section below!

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