Expectation Level: Beginner-Moderate

Why use frameworks?

As web developers part of our job is to use the tools available at our disposal to create amazing work.

Clean and tidy code

Standardizing the way we do web design

The main goal is to make the process more efficient. Efficiency is different from the word fast, because efficiency is about doing things faster but also providing a better overall result.

Exp: I entered a phase back in college when I didn’t believe in frameworks. I made excuses not to use one. I would rather create my own from scratch! I thought those who use frameworks are  not at all that great. It felt like cheating to me. I wanted to learn the basics from scratch. In the end I learned but not as efficiently as it would have been if I used frameworks.

Using frameworks is a step to being a better developer. It’s not cheating, it’s humility. You humble yourself enough to use other people’s work, to study it and get what you can from it. Website development can’t be done by one person. Just as scientists rely on each other’s research as basis for their own research, web developers and designers must learn from each other to advance together.

“Don’t just aim for becoming better, aim for versatility”

Being well versed in frameworks will give you more options for your projects. More options mean you get to shift gears when needed, you provide your clients with the best set of tools for their particular needs.  So in short:

“Don’t Re-invent the Wheel”

Things to consider in selecting a web framework

  • What you need
  • Speed of Execution
  • Versatility of Functions

List of web frameworks

  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • MVC – Codeigniter

Questions to ask when using frameworks

  • How to acquire?
  • How to install?
  • What are the features?
  • How can I use this with my development style/process?

Case Study: Bootstrap

  • CSS solutions
  • Javascript Functionalities


  1. Sample websites made from bootstrap

Creating frameworks from frameworks

You can create your own tools from existing frameworks. Based on your way of doing things you can either select a base framework add part of your design process to it. In this regard the possibilities are limitless.



Skill Acquired: Frameworks (Active)

Skill Description: -50% on time spent on projects. +50 project efficiency. +2000 experience acquisition. +20% resources for allied units.

There is no best framework out there. There are great frameworks to be used for various situations. Don’t stick to one, try as many as you can, as early as you can. This will allow you to arm yourself with an array of tools that will make you a versatile web designer. So keep working on yourself, stay humble empty your cup and walk forward with others, before you know it you’ll be creating your own framework.

What kind of frameworks would you like to learn? Tell me in the comments section below!