Remember those days when you’re singing your own tune of “Huling El Bimbo?” and jamming to some Rivermaya hit songs? Well then, Arts Management Students from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde bring you Balik Tugtog, where songs from the 90s-2000s conquer the centerstage with the infusion of our very own traditional Filipino music.

balik tugtog, CSB

Balik Tugtog aims to promote both Original Pinoy Music (OPM) and Ethnic. Daluyong the main act of the event, a band of Asian Students from UP Musicology/UP College of Music will be unraveling the rhythm and melody of our own music culture.

Daluyong the band

Why Daluyong? Daluyong means storm, surge or flow of the stream in English. They want to connect the reality of traditional music like fluid to today’s Pinoy music. Two words for them, passionate and fun. They are composed of 7 members, Nikko Saliva (guitar), Carl Tolosa (bass), Stephen Arevalo (drums), Theo Blanch (keys), Grace Buenaventura (vocals), and Nicky Juanite (Philippine instruments).


Daluyong the band

“Diverse, a lot of backgrounds,” Theo answered when we asked what do they see when it comes to Filipino culture in general. “Considering the phenomenon, globalization? Mabilis tayong gumagaya,” Nikko added. They also shared with us their views and opinions with today’s Pinoy Music and during the 90s. They have observed that the idea of Pinoy music in the 90s are Siakol, and E-heads which are more inclined in the Rock genre. Thus, the belief that its identity is Rock started to build up and remained in our history. “Hindi na siya Original, kasi may influence na rin ng beatles, ibang international band,” Carlo confessed when he pointed out the word ‘Original’ from OPM. It only shows that the presence of foreign artists have captured the hearts of the Filipino people. The band admitted that spicing up the music with traditional would be challenging, as what Nikko mentioned, “Mataas yung respeto namin sa mga komposers at sa instrument na gamit namin,

So what are the songs shuffled in Balik Tugtog’s playlist? Familiar with UP Dharma Down’s Oo and E-heads Huling El Bimbo? Well, these are just some of the must-watch-and-listen songs from the event that will be fused  up with traditional elements!

“Ako may hopes na sana magustuhan nila. Gusto namin silang i-encourage na mag aral ng mga ganitong instrument. Na sana magkaroon sila ng respect sa kung anong meron tayo dati.  Maging open-minded,” Daluyong’s message to all the peeps who’ll be watching the event.

It is the first and one-time event hosted by the Arts Management students to be held at Black Box, SDA Campus, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde on Friday (7pm), March 20, 2015. So better avail their tickets for only Php 150.00!  Surely this event will give you eargasm and the vibe of OPM of yesterday jazzed up with our Filipino ethnic music.  So if you’re a fan, especially the songs from the 90s-2000s such as Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Up Dharma Down, Imago and other bands of that time, please do watch. Bring your friends so you can chill out and let’s enjoy great music together!