A loving Father letting His Son die on the Cross?

A loving Father letting His Son die on the Cross?

“What kind of God (Father) sends His Son to such a horrific death to satisfy His own sense of justice? Why does Jesus have to die to save us from our sins?”

I know most of us had those questions ringing in our minds, and that at some point in time we got a little confused.

Most of the people only understand one side of God . We always see and hear the very famous “God loves you” wherever we go. Yes, we can never take out the fact that He is really a loving God. His love for us is beyond understanding. It is eternal, incomparable, unchanging, unending and unconditional. But we cannot also take out the fact that God is JUST. God is so holy that He could not let sin go unpunished. He can’t even take a look at sin. He is a God of justice such that He cannot just let the filthy things of this world get in the way of His beautiful and precious creation, US– you and me. Since He is holy and just, He could not let sin go unpunished. Since He is also loving, He could not let men be eternally separated from Him.

We must understand that God did not do this just because He wanted to satisfy His own sense of justice, but actually to show His love for you and me. I believe that once we understand both attributes of God, we can appreciate and marvel more on what God has done in our lives.

In Reading and studying the scripture, Romans 3:25 and the Apologetic Bible provided several points about the questions that was written at the first part of this blog:

  1. Actually, Jesus’ death on the cross was not involuntarily. He gave His life voluntarily (John 10:14-18). Also, He was the only one qualified for this sacrificial death on the cross because of his sinless life. We all have sinned (Romans 3:23), not even one is blameless and spotless.
  2. We sometimes think that God the Father and the Holy Spirit was not in the picture when Jesus was being crucified on the cross. The Triune God, not just Jesus is involve in this world’s suffering. The Father and Spirit were not detached but were intimately involved with the Son’s suffering.
  3. As I said in this blog, God’s holiness and and sin’s offensiveness to such perfect, unsullied, personal being. Sin elicits his just, wrath response the removal of all traces of sinners and sin. In short, HE REALLY CANNOT STAND SIN.
  4. God’s limitless love for His human creatures made in His own image and likeness was displayed on what happened on the cross. In love, God acted to save those who trust Him.

To sum this all up, our God is a loving and a just God at the same time. We cannot take away one from the other. I believe that trusting Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength will help us understand Him more. His love is beyond compare, and as we draw ourselves near Him, we will appreciate what He has done for us and the whole mankind.

What Pain Teaches Us

What Pain Teaches Us

As we run through the race that is marked out for us in our life and reach our ultimate goal which is Jesus, we have the “human tendency” to stop or pause. There are several things which cause us to stop running in the race. Oftentimes, we stop because we fix our eyes on another so called “goal”. Our gaze is not perfectly fixed on the ultimate goal that can lead us to running towards a wrong path. Sometimes, we stop because we trip off. Then we get bruises. Oftentimes we fix our eyes on the bruise that we get. What we don’t realize is we should just keep running and all the more that we don’t focus on the bruise but surrender it all to Him and just let the Mighty Healer heal it,  then we realize that it actually heals in the most perfect way possible.


Let me focus on us getting tripped off and having bruises. Let me make this simple. Literally, when we are walking or running and we are not watching our steps, our tendency is to trip off, most especially when we don’t have the right balance. In this race of life, we always tend to get out of focus because of some situations or decisions. The next thing after getting in the wrong situation or making the wrong decision is the pain of being disappointed or seeing that we did not do the right thing. Sometimes, what we do is we try to heal all the bruised which causes us so much pain. We exert efforts that we think can heal all the pain and remove the scars of the bruise. But, what we don’t realize is that, we still hurt ourselves in the process of trying to heal all the bruises alone. We don’t recognize that we need someone who can heal the pain. The One who won’t just heal all the pain, but will eventually take all the pain away and will not even leave a scar. Nevertheless, since we are not perfect beings we really have this tendency to get hurt and get tripped off. Pain is a part of the race.


As I was reading “The Problem of Pain” by CS Lewis these past few days,  it helped me understand the purpose of pain in our life and how it is a part of the race that we are running in to. Pain is given to us for us to realize the need of a total surrender to God. Quoted from CS Lewis, “But it gives the only opportunity the bad man can have for amendment. It removes the veil; it plants the flag of truth with the fortress of a rebel soul…. The full acting out of the self’s surrender to God therefore demands pain: this action, to be perfect, must be done in the pure will to obey, in the absence, or in the teeth, of inclination.”


Pain is therefore one way of God telling us to surrender and give it all to Him. When we finally realize that a full and total obedience and surrender can actually heal the pain. Pain leads us to repentance, and repentance leads us to God.


Whatever you are experiencing at the moment, I pray and hope that you will find God in your brokenness. Remember that God is close to the broken hearted (Psalm 34:18) and that when we recognize that He is the Lord in this kinds of times, he will surely deliver us from it. Remember that He already died for us and all these things that you are experiencing is just something that God uses to teach us some important things that we should know in life. Surrender and obey. Remember, the pain will be worth it.


My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.

(Psalm 51:17)

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They lost someone who loved them more than anyone could

They lost someone who loved them more than anyone could


To all the women who are grieving to the lost of some man. Whatever the reason it may be, remember this: He lost someone who loved him more than anyone could.

To all the men who are grieving to the lost of some woman. Whatever the reason it may be, remember this: She lost someone who loved her more than anyone could.

To anyone who is reading this, I hope this gives a shake in your head and a tap in your heart. You shouldn’t be grieving over someone’s lost and not realizing that they lost a bigger part of their lives. They lost YOU.  No one can love them in any way that you have loved them. Keep that in mind.




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Date a man who is willing to wait

Date a man who is willing to wait

“Date a man who is willing to wait.

Date a man who is patient, the one who can wait not only for hours but even for a lifetime.

Date a man who does not only know how to wait, but who is willing to wait wholeheartedly.


Date a man who would never rush you into falling in love, for love should not be awaken until it so desires.

Date a man who will not push you into something.

But, date a man who is patient enough to let things happen in the right time.

Date a man who seeks God while he is patiently waiting for the things he is praying for.

Of course, date a man who prays.

Date a man who sees himself more than man when he waits.

Date a man who waits but does not doubt, because doubting is a sin.


Date a man who waits and sacrifices the benefits that the world can offer.
Instead, he waits for what God would offer.

Date a man who sees waiting as a joy rather than a burden.

Date a man who waits because when he does, he will be blessed not only with what he asked for but he would receive more than that.

Date a man who is willing to wait, because his strength will be renewed it will also be poured out in his life.


Date a man who focuses on pleasing God while waiting, because when a man delights in God first, He will give him the desires of his heart.

Date a man who does not only know how to wait, but date a man who knows how to wait patiently.


Date a man who is willing to wait, because everyone can wait, but not everyone is willing.

Date a man who is willing to wait because when he does, he will receive what the Lord had promised.

Date a man who is as well patient, because God is the God of patience.

Date a man who is patient because God himself exhibited patience.

Date man who is willing to wait, not only for a girl but also a man who is willing to wait upon the Lord.


Date a man who is willing to wait for waiting patiently can be a perfect expression of love.


Inspired by:

1 Corinthians 13, Hebrews 6:5, Psalm 40:1, Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 37:7-9.”


Words by: Yanisce Ferrer

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