Balik Tugtog: fusion of OPM and ethnic music

Balik Tugtog: fusion of OPM and ethnic music

Remember those days when you’re singing your own tune of “Huling El Bimbo?” and jamming to some Rivermaya hit songs? Well then, Arts Management Students from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde bring you Balik Tugtog, where songs from the 90s-2000s conquer the centerstage with the infusion of our very own traditional Filipino music.

balik tugtog, CSB

Balik Tugtog aims to promote both Original Pinoy Music (OPM) and Ethnic. Daluyong the main act of the event, a band of Asian Students from UP Musicology/UP College of Music will be unraveling the rhythm and melody of our own music culture.

Daluyong the band

Why Daluyong? Daluyong means storm, surge or flow of the stream in English. They want to connect the reality of traditional music like fluid to today’s Pinoy music. Two words for them, passionate and fun. They are composed of 7 members, Nikko Saliva (guitar), Carl Tolosa (bass), Stephen Arevalo (drums), Theo Blanch (keys), Grace Buenaventura (vocals), and Nicky Juanite (Philippine instruments).


Daluyong the band

“Diverse, a lot of backgrounds,” Theo answered when we asked what do they see when it comes to Filipino culture in general. “Considering the phenomenon, globalization? Mabilis tayong gumagaya,” Nikko added. They also shared with us their views and opinions with today’s Pinoy Music and during the 90s. They have observed that the idea of Pinoy music in the 90s are Siakol, and E-heads which are more inclined in the Rock genre. Thus, the belief that its identity is Rock started to build up and remained in our history. “Hindi na siya Original, kasi may influence na rin ng beatles, ibang international band,” Carlo confessed when he pointed out the word ‘Original’ from OPM. It only shows that the presence of foreign artists have captured the hearts of the Filipino people. The band admitted that spicing up the music with traditional would be challenging, as what Nikko mentioned, “Mataas yung respeto namin sa mga komposers at sa instrument na gamit namin,

So what are the songs shuffled in Balik Tugtog’s playlist? Familiar with UP Dharma Down’s Oo and E-heads Huling El Bimbo? Well, these are just some of the must-watch-and-listen songs from the event that will be fused  up with traditional elements!

“Ako may hopes na sana magustuhan nila. Gusto namin silang i-encourage na mag aral ng mga ganitong instrument. Na sana magkaroon sila ng respect sa kung anong meron tayo dati.  Maging open-minded,” Daluyong’s message to all the peeps who’ll be watching the event.

It is the first and one-time event hosted by the Arts Management students to be held at Black Box, SDA Campus, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde on Friday (7pm), March 20, 2015. So better avail their tickets for only Php 150.00!  Surely this event will give you eargasm and the vibe of OPM of yesterday jazzed up with our Filipino ethnic music.  So if you’re a fan, especially the songs from the 90s-2000s such as Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Up Dharma Down, Imago and other bands of that time, please do watch. Bring your friends so you can chill out and let’s enjoy great music together!

Babae Power: Music-Bazaar-Food

Babae Power: Music-Bazaar-Food

Babae Power, hosted by #ONWEEKENDSWEPLAY was a free seating event that was jampacked with awesome performances, food and bazaars held at the inner courtyard of Van Gogh is Bipolar last March 15 (Sunday).


Babae Power (March 15, 2015)

Snippets from the Event

Babae Power, ONWEEKENDSWEPLAYAicelle Santos

Various artists like Danita Panter, Rich Asuncion, Demz from Unica, and Mads from Paraluman delighted the crowd and filled the open space with their original music. Aicelle Santos shared heart-melting songs from her latest album, while  Francheska Farr fired away her own superb rendition of Chandelier.

Danita Panter

Danita  Panter

Reese and Vica brought down the house with their original song, ‘Mischief and Bandit’, and Sun Manager dazzled everyone with her last song ‘In darkness’.  Glaiza De Castro, the last artist of the night, also shared her own music.


The boy who cried books

 Pop-up shops, set up around the courtyard, sold pre-loved clothing items and accessories from Chynna Ortaleza, Alex and Assunta De Rossi, Rich Asuncion, Diana Zubiri, Sarah Abad, and Bella Padilla. You’ll see branded clothes sold at its lowest prices, as well affordable books from the boy who cried books, Justin DeCastro.


Marc Lacsamana on calligraphy demo

Marc Lacsamana also did on-the-spot calligraph demo, as the jamming session continued. Van Gogh is Bipolar offered unique and great food, and we got a taste of their latest recipe- Black Arrozcaldo!


Reese and Vica

But more than the people and the great music, Babae Power wants people to dig deeper to its core, and see the purpose of the event. The event aims to celebrate women’s achievements, and is a call for greater equality. We got the chance to talk to the woman who started it all, Ms. Glaiza De Castro who eagerly shared with us the story of Babae Power.

The woman behind Babae Power:

The concept of Babae Power, a musical event with bazaars, came to Glaiza on an ordinary day. She eventually shared this idea with her co-artists, Chynna, Rich, Francheska, Alex and other friends, who all agreed that it was a great idea. This kind of event would also pave the way for them to sell some of their clothing apparels, and for the people to hear authentic live music as well. The name of the event originally came from her friend Jetro who replied with ‘Babae Power’ in his text message to her.

“Chynna and I use the #onweekendsweplay hashtag and we said bakit hindi natin gamitin yung #onweekendsweplay for Babae Power?” Glaiza added as she told us about Babae Power’s background.

She envisions to hold this event as frequently as they can, and to have a tour with the women and people as part of their woman empowerment activities. Of course, if there is an opportunity to hold it internationally, she would gladly take it. We asked Glaiza what she aims for the Babae Power event and she answered, “Gusto ko marealize ng mga nandito ngayon that they have that power within them,” Glaiza wants to do something different, to put her ideas into action. To make it happen.

She envisions to have this event to be done as frequent as it can, and to have a tour will the women and people that will be part of the woman empowerment, and if it is possible to have it internationally, then she would gladly take it. We asked Glaiza what does she aims for today’s Babae Power event and she answered, “Gusto ko marealize ng mga nandito ngayon that they have that power within them,” More than being a celebrity and being seen in the silver screen Glaiza wants to do something different, to put her ideas into action. To make it happen.

Glaiza De  Castro

“I strongly believe that I have to push this…. at nagawa ko yun! I didn’t expect this talaga,” Glaiza couldn’t help but express her exhilaration at the outcome of the event. She wants to give her sincerest gratitude to those people who shared Babae Power’s posts in social media, as well as to her friends who did work for the event out of love.  She also shared with us bits of her story about dreams, struggles, frustrations, and how she overcame them. As she mentioned, the idea of Babae Power came on an ordinary day, but she realized that her struggles and victories that have been long sleeping in her subconscious have actually brought forth the woman behind Babae Power- a woman of strength who fearlessly faces the uncertainty of life.

Babae Power was such a humbling event to be a part of. Musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, students, men, and women gathered to chill-in with acoustic sessions and meet new people, but most importantly to celebrate and empower women. Beyond the bazaars, the people and the great music, it was this cause that echoed the loudest in everyone’s hearts.

Glaiza’s short yet stirring message to all, “Believe and keep going.”

8 things college life has taught me

8 things college life has taught me

classroom, college life, college


  1. Everything matters

    From major and minor exams, group works, seatwork, homework, and down to readings. Everything counts. Every activity contributes to your over-all grade, even your attendance can save you! Never belittle the capability of having a complete attendance, because it can save your life.

  2. The power of teamwork

    Professors call it cheating but for students? It’s teamwork. Nobody gets out of college being an island and doing things alone, because I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve been the contributor, free loader, or the leader of the team. Well, it doesn’t really matter what role you are playing, because at the end of the day what matters is: PASADO!

  3. Tres is the new UNO

    Tres (passing mark) never gets out of style. When you are faced with a terror professor or a hard-core subject, and you forsee that SINGKO is at grasp then TRES comes in and takes the spotlight. Tres is the new UNO! The most-awaited grade of all times, “tres lang sapat na”

  4. Never cease from learning

    Always look forward to learning something new. I know it pains you to listen to your monotonous professor or to sit for an hour in your  “kill me now” class but take that opportunity to learn, only a few gets that privilege.You may be learning in a hard way but it will be all worth it. College sayings that never gets old!

  5. Love will surely  find  its  way

    Don’t be in a hurry to  fall in love and be loved. Darating at darating yan!  Know your priorities, your Romeo or Juliet can wait but thesis? syempre   hindi. 

  6. #MORE is an overkill

    #puyatpaMORE #thesispaMORE #sabawpaMORE all the more. In college, expect to do things in excess especially if you love procrastinating.

  7.  Procrastination at its best

    I don’t recommend you to procrastinate, but for some procrastinating,  helps. It is the time where unborn geniuses start to exist for a moment, creative juices spill out of their nutshells, and adrenaline rushes  in  your nerves. It’s in procrastination where students become Einstein, and Picasso in no time.

  8. Chill!

    Yes learn how to chill. Don’t be in a hurry to  have everything settled down and done. College isn’t just a piece of cake. There’ll be times you’ll see yourself crying over your thesis, professor, readings, and exams but surely it will all come to pass. College is fulfilling. Chill,enjoy, meet new friends, and learn!

Awesome things to do after College


Do you have any college life lessons? share it with us and comment below!

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Taking no risk is the riskiest thing you could do today

Taking no risk is the riskiest thing you could do today

“How long will you stay in your comfort zone?” she asked.

We are the safe-players of our own world, we are the players who wants a regular income and a stable job. We are the players who never tried because failure is a dreading fact. We are the burn-outs, the has-beens, the never-weres, and the what-ifs of our own fleeting life. We never want to take risk for reality has said “it’s a big daunting world out there,”

When we talk about risk, we think about failure. We unconsciously intertwine them and it taps our collective shoulders signaling us ‘you’ve got to get out of here’  We cease from believing that we can be great because someone else has done it. Yes they’ve made names, and they are the epitome of their field, but aren’t you also capable of doing things? We ask ourselves who are we to be great, how can I possibly be like him or her. How can I be the next Pablo Picasso? The answer, you don’t have to be the next big thing, the next Picasso or whoever, you have to be the next You. Stop being a copycat of someone else’s masterpiece. Imagine if Bill Gates stopped along his hope against hope infatuation for technology, then, we would still be living in the old age of caves and wood fires, and imagine if you will stop today and take no risk, then you will be missing out the shot of being the best that you can be.

No one grows in the comfort zone and no one ever will. In the history of human life, nothing great has ever been made by living in the status quo. If you want to get something creative, innovative, and new you have take risk and settle into the unknown. Winning the great wars of life can’t easily be done because if it is, then human race should have done it. Only a handful dared to cross the thin line between reality and dreams and took the risk because they saw that taking risk is not the possibility of failing, but the opportunity of doing something great, the possibility of a better chance. Taking risk will crush your nerves out, and un-fuel your whole being, but it is the unseen force that will make you whole at the end. It is the unending thrill that tells you it will not be in vain. It will be of worth.

We can all continue to be the safe-players of our own world, and be the great burn-outs, has-beens, never-weres, and what-ifs- these are the best we can make out of ourselves. We can take no risks at all, sit in our own little couch, earn money on a daily basis, eat-well, and be well-off  but doing it will be the riskiest thing  one could ever do. As what one writer quoted “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” Think again, because we are all bound for a great picture after all, if we only know how to take the risk.

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Gino’s Brick oven pizza: Pizzas, Pasta, and Nutella Soup!

Gino’s Brick oven pizza: Pizzas, Pasta, and Nutella Soup!


Gino’s brick oven pizza is one of the restaurants I’ve been wanting to try. Its flagship at Katipunan from mine is quite distant and so I can’t manage to visit the place, but it’s just funny that my feet led me to their Makati branch, which is much farther from where I live to have my own Gino’s brick experience.

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan

Gino’s brick oven pizza is a Neapolitan inspired pizzeria from Katipunan, owned by Jutes Templo, Bryan Tan, and Michael Cruz who were buddies way back their college life. If you happen to know Cello’s doughnut adjacent to Gino’s brick restaurant at Katipunan, Jute’s wife owns that which is named after her- Cello, and if you are wondering who Gino is, he is Jute’s and Cello’s 4 year old son. I say thank you to their staff who educated us about the hidden mickey in Gino’s and Cello’s.

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan

The branch in Makati seems spacious enough for me since we were there at around 3pm, a good thing because if you happen to be there at around lunch, the place is normally jazzed up with their diners plus a line of customers waiting for their turn. Needless to say that it has become the darling of Salcedo Village. Upon stepping in, the “Gino’s brick oven pizza” logo stamped on their wall (from a distance), welcomed us.  The interior, from the hanged framed photos, brick designed walls, and lights which are hanged down from the ceiling gave us a cozy atmosphere.

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan


Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan

In our stay, we ordered their best sellers, SMEGG pizza, Salted Egg Pasta, and Nutella soup for our dessert. The SMEGG pizza was really great! A 12 inch thin crust topped with sausage, mushroom, Gouda, eggs, and cream. We were fooled because we thought that it is some kind of a light-weighted pizza but wait and behold, just after 2-3 slices I can’t afford to finish up our Salted Egg pasta. So if you are really raving for something to eat, and you happen to be right in the front door steps of Gino’s, then go grab their SMEGG pizza and their very own Gino’s sweet chili honey- a good partner in crime for their pizzas! I asked if they have any honey for sale but they don’t anymore. (I hope I can afford to sneak out just one but I can’t).

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan, ,SMEGG, Salted  Egg

 (SMEGG, Salted Egg Pasta, Gino’s spicy sweet honey)

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan, ,SMEGG, Salted  Egg

(SMEGG Php 420.00)

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan, ,SMEGG, Salted  Egg

(Salted Egg Pasta Php 190.00)

The Salted Egg was something new to our palate, never though that it is possible to have it served as a pasta. The pasta has the right creaminess and texture with a kick of salted egg on the side which makes it for me unforgettable. It is some kind of a Filipino version of carbonara.

Gino's brick oven pizza, pizzeria, food, pasta, Gino's makati, Gino's katipunan, ,SMEGG, Salted  Egg, nutella soup

(Nutella Soup Php 180.00)

Yes you heard it right, Nutella Soup (they even have chocolate chicharon as a dessert! I wonder how it tastes like). I am not an avid fan of Nutella, I can’t lick clean a Nutella jar because we don’t have one but a Nutella soup?! Surely I can. I like their bizarre approach to it. The bowl containing the Nutella is made of dough with nuts sprinkled on top. So it’s your choice how you will consume it, either tear a part of the dough, just enough for the soup not to spill then dip it in the soup (like what we did), or just have it the usual way.


 (The Team)

Our Gino’s visit didn’t stop from the interior and food. We were able to talk to their crew and ask more about Gino’s brick oven pizza. We asked for their best dishes and they recommended, Buffalo Chicken, Bianca Verde, and Bacon Gouda. They also shared to us that they recently won Manila’s new Pizzeria! Well, they do deserve it, they make the best pizzas in town! After the spontaneous question and answer with them they invited us to their kitchen, and I tell you, the brick oven is real. They’ve got two customized brick oven, and it’s a privilege for us to have a look at it.

Gino's brick oven pizza, brick oven, pizza, pasta, pizzeria, makati, katipunan

After the long wait I have finally tried this place, and I must say that Gino’s brick oven pizza deserves all the applause it’s been receiving from the food-lover folks. Everything is good, from the place, food, up to their approachable crew! So go and check out their place at Katipunan and Salcedo Makati.Message them and reserve a seat!



Address: Katipunan 2F 341 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights QC (above mercury drug), 1108 Quezon City

Address: Bautista, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila