Potatocodes Website Devsmash 2015

Potatocodes Website Devsmash 2015


Would you like to learn how to create your own website?

Elite daily, Rappler, Spotify, Zalora and Thought catalog are just some of the dominating websites you see online. They are some of the places in the online world where we can browse for new clothes without moving from our seats, and listen non-stop to our favorite songs. But have you ever thought how these websites were put up and made? Maybe yes and maybe no, but whatever it is one thing is for sure, you have the capability to build your own website! Your own blog page, or your new online store!


This coming July 11(Saturday), Potatocodes Web Development and Designs will hit the busy street of Malingap Street for half a day seminar at Hillcrest Wellness Café Sikatuna Village from 1pm – 5pm. The seminar will cover the essential parts of Web Development and Designs- HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Web Design and Layout, and WordPress. Web Devsmash’ speakers are Juan Miguel Alvarez, founder of Potatocodes and Mhariell Mosqueriola, Head Designer- The Potatocoders who will help you take the first step in making your own website. The seminar fee is P 1,000 inclusive of food (P300) from Hillcrest Wellness Cafe. So better register now and grab the chance! Limited slots only!

Potatocodes was established last year of May with the vision of making things simple. Do it the smart way. They have built over a dozen websites for over a year. You can check out their works at www.potatocodes.com . The seminar aims to spread the importance of website to today’s time and help interested students and professionals in making their own website masterpiece.

For interested web geeks you can register at- http://goo.gl/forms/cXbnVa2VPs

For more details and inquiries you can message us at

info@potatocodes.com or facebook.com/potatocodes

or  via SMS/Viber 09068774901

10 big companies started by college students

10 big companies started by college students


Familiar with Yahoo, Google and Facebook? Well, these are just some of the well-known companies around the world founded by college students. Yes, college students who showed that they can rise up in the global platform.

It wasn’t an overnight success. It came with a high price. Some dropped-out from college and some went through years of missed opportunities. Having a company is not a piece of cake where money will just flow in like liquid once it’s up. It takes patience, faith, and belief that what you’re doing is worth the risk.

Essaymama.com made an infographic of the top 10 valuable start-up companies launched by students. And below are the people behind these big names that we’ve been hearing in social media, newspaper, or television:


1.  Microsoft – Bill Gates and  Paul Allen

Bill Gates was a college dropout from Harvard University.  He opened Micro-Soft together with Paul Allen and sold MS-DOS, an operating system to IBM in year 1981.


2. Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook was founded in the year 2004. Mark’s reason for creating facebook was to use it in college, and never thought that it could be a big hit. “[I thought that] over time, someone would build a version of this for the world, but it wouldn’t be us — it would be [a large existing software company] like Microsoft,” Mark said in one of his interview. Today, Facebook has almost 400 million visitors a month and making him earn millions of money.


3. Yahoo- Jerry Yang and David Filo 

11 years ago, Jerry and David who both has doctoral degree in electrical engineering at Stanford University took gamble in making Yahoo out of their hobby. The website started out with a list of their favorite websites which soon became a long list, and decided to create categories and subcategories for it. Eventually, they decided to change their website to Yahoo, an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.


4. Reddit- Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian

Steve and Alexis were room mates back then at University of Virginia. It was in 2005 that Reddit sprang up as one of the first start-ups from Y Combinator program, and a year later Conde Nast acquired it and Ohanian, a multimillionaire.


5. WordPress- Matt Mullenweg

It was in 2003 when Matt, an undergrad from Houston University partnered with Mike Little and Michel Valdrigh to create Wordpress.com an open source content management system that now serves thousands of websites around the world.


6. Google- Larry Page and Sergey Brin 

Google started as a research project of Page and Brin when they were at University of Stanford as PhD students. Did you know that Google’s real name is Googol? Page and Brin’s first $100,00 paycheck was under Google Inc. and so they have to run and create a bank account after Google Inc to en-cash the cheque.


7. Time  Magazine- Britton Haden and Henry Luce 

An American weekly magazine published in New York was founded in 1923. They first called the magazine as Facts and changed it to TIME with a slogan- Take Time- It’s Brief.


8. Napster- Shawn Fanning

Shawn Fanning a graduate from Northern University started the revolutionary Napster, a file sharing service. After 2 years it was shut down and acquired by Rhapsody- a digital music service.


9. Dell- Michael Dell

Michael Dell created Dell during his undergrad years at University of Texas at Austin. He dropped out of school and focused with his business after getting his $1,000 capital from his family. He agreed to go back to school if his business’ sales would prove to be disappointing. But with the first month, he sold  $180,000 worth of PCs and never returned.


10. Tripod- Bo Peabody and Brett Hershey

In 1992, Bo co founded Tripod- one of the first social networking sites. It was initially created for college students. However, in 1998 it was sold to Lycos.


Infographic by Essaymama.com:


essaymama, inforgaphics


 “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”- Zig Zilar.

It wasn’t luck that brought Zuckerberg, Page, and Dell on the top. It was their belief that what they’re doing is something of great worth. I guess putting up a company is not about the amount of one’s starting capital but rather the amount of passion and time one is willing to shell out for his/her dreams. It’s not easy. It will take months, maybe years. But one thing’s for sure, as long as we don’t give up, we can make it happen.

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10 classic Pinoy baon that will bring back your childhood

10 classic Pinoy baon that will bring back your childhood


  1. Bazooka
    bazooka gum

What is it: Pink chewing gum (like a small version of a pink bar soap)

Why we loved it: Comics found at the back of the wrapper helped us kill time

Photo credit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/07/a4/50/07a45065e57f11a5d008f67bd8db5102.jpg


  1. Butong Pakwan
    butong pakwan

What is it: Watermelon seed coated with salty goodness

Why we loved it: The process of sucking the black seed before cracking it into two makes it fun to eat! It’s all about the alat-ness!

Photo credit: http://www.afodltd.com/images/afodpic/50-314.gif

  1. Iced Gemsiced gems


What is it: Biscuits with colorful icing on top

Why we loved it: We have only two ways of eating it- eat the icing first or save the icing for the last.

Photo credit: http://www.pennysdaybook.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/gems.jpg

  1. Haw Flakeshaw


What is it: a disc shaped flakes.

Why we loved it: Remember your first communion? Where everyone passes it around and each one take turns in being the priest and the receiver of the “Hostia”

Photo Credit: http://www.bacontunamelt.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/hawflakes.jpg


  1. Sunshine Green Peasgreen peas

What is it: Crunchy green peas in a pack

Why we loved it: When we try to finish the one whole pack in just one shot, trying to fit in every green peas in our mouth.

Photo credit: https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t31.0-8/c0.61.851.315/p851x315/1980513_10152581589714070_4960058311537341755_o.jpg


  1. Orange Switsorange

What is it: Orange gummy candies coated with sugar

Why we loved it: I guess this what comes first before the birth of gummy bears

Photo  Credit: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l0gg92bY6v1qatgzn.jpg


  1. Lumpia Shanghai
    lumpiang shanghai

What is it: Lumpia shanghai in cheese flavor

Why we loved it: Every dismissal, lumpiang shangai is the go-to snack for students as well as for friends. Dagdagan mo pa ng softdrinks.

Photo credit: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ljmgprnwlx1qb1ckc.jpg


  1. Magic Popmagic pop

What is it: crackling candy

Why we loved it: The popping sound that resonates inside your mouth made it enjoyable to eat!

Photo credits: https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5207/5271910414_84da6891eb.jpg


  1. Mik-mik, chocnut, zeb-zebchocnut


What is it: Chocnut (milk chocolate bar), Mik-Mik (a milk powder which is more enjoyable with the use of straw), and Zeb-Zeb (corn puff like chichacorn)

Why do we loved it: Who will never love choc-nut, mik-mik, and zeb-zeb? You’ll never go wrong with these!

Photo credit: http://teammanilalifestyle.com/news/index.php?id=172


  1. Haw Haw Milk Powder Candy

milk candy

What is it: Milk powder candy

Why we loved it: A taste of it is a journey back to our childhood. Remember melting it in your mouth to savor the milky goodness?

Photo credit: http://www.filipiknow.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Haw-Haw-Milk-Powder-Candy1.jpg

You, what was your Pinoy classic baon? comment below and share your childhood years!

Why do I go to school?

Why do I go to school?

‘Why do I go to school?’ I ask myself.

During the days of our innocent, unhindered frolicking in the streets, we were encouraged to go to school and learn how to read ABC’s, count 123’s, and write alphabetically. But as years passed the simple read, count, and write turned into solving the speed of a train from point A to point B, understanding the human brain, and taking down historical dates. Our grades shifted from very good to 90-93 to UNO, TRES, and SINGKO, and as we escalate from one year level to another, our potential expands and the chances of getting a good job after school becomes within our reach. But is it really about getting a good job, and having a well-off life that drives us to go to school and finish college? Have you ever asked yourself the same question – Why do I go to school?

All parents wants nothing but only the good for their children, and for that reason they send them to school. We were raised and compelled to believe that burning the midnight oil for grades sake and getting a degree will lead us to a job that will help us earn money so that we’ll be able to live a luxurious life, and eventually retire when we’re old and senile. Our parents and society has clearly plotted before our eyes these rewards we can get once we finish college, and so, we start to act like machines memorizing thousands of lines for a fill in a blank exam.

We focus more on the types of test, and how to get the right answers in order to survive one whole semester. We write down every code even though we can’t comprehend- We do these things because we’re all afraid to fail. We go to school to avoid the rubbish life we might get if we don’t have that promising diploma hanging on our wall. We’re afraid.

It’s fear that was kindled in our being that makes us go to school. It makes us think like robots and work like zombies. It teaches us to just survive and not live. It makes us pursue a course we don’t want because they’ve told us “there is money”. Fear robs us away from the reason why we go to school.

Ask yourself again, “why do I go to school?’ What makes you stay in your seat together with 40 plus students mumbling and giggling about their crushes, and favorite celebrities?

 Why do you spend time listening to your monotonous professor discussing chemical reaction, and the derivative of letters and numbers? Why do you patiently write notes and doodle at the same time for a subject that doesn’t make sense to you? Why do you go to school?

 If your reason is because it is a normal thing to do, or because it can make you rich then drop out and leave immediately.

Go to school because you find the unending thrill of learning something new. You want to be educated by a program you want and not what your family wants. Enroll yourself to a new semester not because of the fear that you’ll end up making money out of garbage and live under a tattered roof, but rather because of fear that you won’t be the kind of person you want to be 10 years from now. Your diploma’s worth is more than the 100,000 salary every month and new phone every 3 months. The delicate parchment paper sealed with your name and degree is what you have worked hard for almost 2 decades and no amount of money can ever equate to it. Your diploma is you. It is you. It is every fiber of your whole being, and so make it meaningful. Make it worth it. Study, love, and learn.

Do you want to share your views and perspective of why you go to school? Write it down in our comment section!

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Alex Castro: Find something you love and let it kill you

Alex Castro: Find something you love and let it kill you

Alex Castro

You might have heard her name around UP Campus or might have seen her in a sea of people fighting for human rights. Well, she’s Alex Castro Iskolar ng Bayan, graduated from her Bachelor course with 4 sports and 16 organizations, and now 2nd year in Law school.

It may seem too much for someone to have 4 sports and 16 organizations in her college life, but for Alex, just having 2-3 hours of sleep is enough to fuel up her normal day. Her friends would ask, “Pano mo siya nagagawa?” but then she realized that having Bipolar type 2 contributed to one out of the three reasons why she’s able to handle a long day of work and school.

“Hindi ko kasi kaya ng walang ginagawa,” she said.

Another factor she shared is her being an athlete. She’s been involved into sports specifically basketball since 3rd grade until first year of high school. She pays respect to her coach who has taught her more than what is expected in a normal basketball team, because beyond the drills and technicalities, it is leadership and discipline that has marked the most.

“Because if you are an athlete kasi it builds character. So iba yung level of discipline mo.”

Lastly, the third factor of how she’s able to pull it off is, she’s in a universe where she loves what she’s doing. She’s currently part of various organizations, and as what she have said “yun din talaga yung sinalihan ko kasi alam ko yun yung gusto ko.” She firmly believes that it will be really easy for someone to sacrifice for something because he/she loves it. “kasi mahal mo eh.”

Starting Point

Alex started to have this vision of pursuing her passion since childhood. She has good support from her family, who cheers her on with the things that she wants like sports, which has first sparked an interest in her. She was also part of a math team way back and competed in a Math challenge around the metro “ang geek nito,” she confessed.

The passion continued when she entered UP, where doors of opportunities started to open from one to the other up until the gates of politics was introduced to her, and from there she found what she wants. It is where her heart really is. She gives her greatest gratitude to the people who gave  her a kind of environment where she can grow as an individual and who supports her as well.

Dreams and accomplishments

Many foresee Alex as someone who’ll run for presidency or be part of the country’s government chairs but as of now, Alex wants to continue with her career track. She’s more inclined to Labor Law where she completely fell in love with, and saw its great impact and need. Another “wild” dream she really wants to do is to put up school. “I want to be a teacher,” she admitted. “Iba yung mag pla-plant ka ng idea. It’s the best way [actually] to change something. Yung be able to present a new way of thinking sa mga tao,” she added. Also, sports will always have a room in her heart, and so, she aims to be a coach that will build character and fire up passion in the children. She wants to give back everything she has learned.

One great accomplishment she has done over the years is the mentorship program. A program where she teaches a group of freshies or sophomore students whom she considers as her kids, and who calls her mommy. “Sila yung mga anak ko, tawag nila sa akin mommy.” It’s a fulfillment for her to see the kids grow, and see evidently how they have advanced throughout the program. “Sa career ko sa UP masasabi ko na sila yung greatest accomplishment ko talaga. Na iba pala yung epekto mo.”   

Passion, Initiative, Discipline

Alex Castro

When asked what her Mantra or principles in life are, she shared three things: Passion, Initiative, and Discipline- her bread and butter. For her it is a lot easier when you are doing things with passion, as what she used to tell in talks and seminars “Find something you love and let it kill you.” Initiative and Discipline on the other hand, is doing something about it and doing what you need to do  rather than what you want to do.

Being in the shoes of Alex Castro would be really stretching. A schedule occupied with school, interviews, meetings, orgs, sports is not a piece of cake, but what Alex has that makes her get through a day is her undying passion in what she’s doing, in serving the people. “For the longest time, antagal mong hinanap. Kaya ganito ako ka gigil,” she said.

Definitely Alex wants to let us all realize to find that thing that we love and let it kill us. Have that eagerness, be obsessive, because as what she have said, the most beautiful people are the passionate ones.