Ang Tagapagligtas

Ang Tagapagligtas

Ano ba ang salitang bayani?
Sinu-sino ba talaga sila?
Siya ba yung may suot na kodigo,
O di kaya’y yung tipong wow, macho?

Gaano man kadami ang uri,
Bayani kong siya’y nananatili,
Pagkat sa araw-araw kong buhay,
Kailanman kami’y walang iwanan.

Gutom, pagod at sakit sa ulo,
Hinamon niya ng walang reklamo.
Iyan ang aking nag-iisang nanay,
Mapagmahal, magaling ,mahusay.

Kanyang ngiti, tapak ko sa langit.
Kanyang luha, lupa’y naging abo.
Kabuuang pusong nagmamahal,
Walang sinumang makapagpapalit.

At mula sa sinapupunan
Ako’y kanyang inaruga…
Isang maliit na laman,
Na punung-puno ng dugo.

Pagod ng siyam na buwan siya’y nakalipas,
Nang sa wakas ako’y makalabas.
Sa mundong kulob at puno ng dilim,
Kanyang pag-ibig puno ng lalim.

Araw gabi ng aking iyak,
Parang pitong beses siya’y sinaksak,
Mula duyan hanggang sapatos,
Kinarga niya ako at walang patalo

At yaong oras ng aking pagtanda,
Aking inasikaso ay paano gumanda,
At nakalimutan ang pinakamahalaga,
Na si nanay nga pala ang siyang nagbunga…

Ngayon marahil ika’y magtanong ,
Bakit si nanay iyong bayani?
Simple lang naman ang aking sagot,
Dahil ako’y naniniwala na…

Ang bayani ay siyang di lang nandiyan,
Upang mundo mo ay paikutin,
Ngunit ang pinakamahalaga,
Puso mo iyang kanyang kayang pabutihin.

Kaya sana’y mga kaibigan,
Inyong nanay, siya’y pahalagahin,
Dahil nag iisa lamang yan
At walang makakapagpantay ninuman.

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The leaves rustling and scattered,

when I pass,

they’re gone.

But the air seems quiescient.


Yet, peaceful like sleep.

And the morning dew

was revitalizing like the Evergreens.

The trees, they’re out of my reach.


To figure out why,

There the people

Servicing with all their might

Did some of them even had breakfast?


Yet , showing their sparkling teeth,

As if living beyond extraordinary,

Welcoming citizens amidst the heap

Of polluting smoke entering airways.


And who knows how much pay?

Is it enough to feed a whole family?

I wonder just how they survive

when the world seems to get smaller every single day.


Modern heroes you say?

But living a realistic paradox,

Of neither fish nor fowl,

in our perfectly blemished society.


So , the reason of not wearing capes

Is because of pure humility

Do we now understand,

How humanity overtakes?


Hitherto , did it ever cross your minds,

To appreciate what we have?

Instead of ramblings every morning,

Why not try observing your surroundings?


Thus, you’ll realize how imperfections…

Become perfect in the eyes of other people,

and how precious is life’s every single tear,

protruding from the blood and sweat of the earth.


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Vanity: The Goddess of Today

Vanity: The Goddess of Today

Nowadays, beauty is just becoming more profound as women puff their cheeks with BB and night creams before bedtime. In fact, facial and body surgeries happen to be normal in the sight of people. Today, what is a woman if she’s not flawless?

Likewise, several body-accentuating cosmetics including body scrubs, wax, eye creams, bath gels and many other products continue to innovate while women rapidly transform their features to pure elegance. With technology, everything else seems possible. And with each passing day, every unsolved facial detail turns instantaneously problematic.


Meanwhile, when physical appeal becomes the main target of this generation, a larger population of women acquire lesser self-esteem and confidence about themselves. Because of the massive influence of our society, women find living life harder in simplicity as being beautiful today is defined as sugarcoating your skin color, lips, hair and so is one’s entire body. Despite of using vanity as way of inspiration, women take the wrong notion of being beautiful. Instead of improving themselves and their personalities, they deteriorate to being selfish and arrogant people. For them, it’s always about the kissable lips and the lean stomach.


And as time goes on, it’s not only the women that are affected with a pretty face. Even men would find time imitating celebrities. They would also take hours staring at themselves in a mirror only to satisfy themselves if they already look like a Greek God. Sadly, it is because people have this mindset that if a person is unattractive or unappealing, nobody would come near him or her. Nobody would like to befriend or come closer to him or her. Because like what society says, if you want exposure to everything whether power, money or fame, you’ve got to have the basic: looks. Failure to attain this most basic element will lead you to lose everything, even love life.


Indeed, it is very important and normal to elevate our physical being and relinquish its thirst. It is natural to crave of being beautiful as humans while remembering that beauty is a form of art. However and even though physical appeal grows to be the major target of this generation, may we still remember to treat and respect people equally without any unnecessary and abusive judgement. Let us not enable vanity to corrupt and manipulate our souls. Know that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, and we do not need cosmetics or whatever beauty product to prove so. Furthermore, have the wisdom to know that true beauty is not identified in the face or the size of the hips , shoulders, chest or waist, but in what is inside one’s heart. As a Bible verse states: “ Charm is deceptive, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.”


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The Manimal

The Manimal

Giraffes, zebras, sea Turtles, whales, dolphins, Penguins, Pandas, polar bears, I wonder which animal will be next?

It has been long then since I’ve heard the radio news casting about the depletion of particular animals not only here in the Philippines but also from other countries as well. And If I remember it correctly, the last time I saw a sea turtle was in a photograph placed inside my drawer. The last time I visited the zoo was when most of the animals, the ones that are easier to remember, have gone missing. Of course no one can simply conclude the reason as to why. But what if they have all died? What will happen to the upcoming tiger race? What about the pelicans and ostriches?


A photo showing puppies trying to suckle from their mother who has been bludgeoned to death by a citizen paid to do so

I must still have been a lucky child to have seen these creatures with my own eyes and to have caressed their skin or outer covering. I must still be lucky to have been able to feed some of them and simply observe them with a heartwarming awe… Because I know, many of them will not live to last. Most of them will cease only to exist in audio visuals. After all they were only mere “animals” to the sight of the populace.


Male chicks are grounded alive to be used as a padding and packaging in the poultry industry, dieing through transit and on arrival. This photo was taken at a factory farming in U.S. , the state where slaughtering of such creatures is a “humane” practice.

For when will all but this animal catastrophe end? Are they not exhausted of the sight of dying Dodo Birds, Aurochs, Cave Lions, Quaggas or even the Great Auk? Does man really need to experience the viciousness of the dinosaurs only to realize that what they are doing against these creatures will remove devastating consequences against them?And I don’t remember a reason as well as understand the sudden repetitious origin as to why man plants a severe hatred against animals in his heart. For instance, a man suddenly shoots an eagle with his rifle for entertainment. Or some scientist experiments on a guinea pig only for decoration. In fact, not only to those extinct creatures, but even to those common species who have been loyal to the human race.


Whisper, the horse is suffering from a huge back burn caused by kerosene. The chemical had burned through the skin and some muscles while some maggots were feeding on the tissue.

In 1st and 2nd chapters of Genesis, God said: “Let the water swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind. Let the fish multiply and fill the oceans. Let the birds increase and fill the earth. Let the earth bring forth every kind of animal- livestock, small animals and wildlife.” So why does extinction happen? Why kill innocent animals, even those whom are not edible to the extent of their unbecoming? Is it necessary to abduct species even the young? Could it be possible that man is he who is devaluating to be the animal?


Innocent elephants brutally killed by poachers and terribly disfigured by hacking their heads off primarily for ivory tusks which are buried deep under their skin


Highly-prized crafted ivory items for sale on market stalls.

Indeed, man is created to have dominion over all life but as a master and not a destroyer or a killer. Man is created because he is given the responsibility to be a preserver of everything that has breath, to nurture and take care of all His creations. Man is the highest being there is on earth because he is to be different from other species who simply feed to survive, to use his God-given wisdom and mind as much as possible and more importantly, to bestow love to every specie that grows in this earth.

Animals are created to be loved and accompanied by man as he survives this harsh world and not to be stomped upon its existence, neither terrorized nor threatened especially by humans, the race whom is responsible for the preservation of life. I suggest a call to action, what do you guys think?