Alex Castro

You might have heard her name around UP Campus or might have seen her in a sea of people fighting for human rights. Well, she’s Alex Castro Iskolar ng Bayan, graduated from her Bachelor course with 4 sports and 16 organizations, and now 2nd year in Law school.

It may seem too much for someone to have 4 sports and 16 organizations in her college life, but for Alex, just having 2-3 hours of sleep is enough to fuel up her normal day. Her friends would ask, “Pano mo siya nagagawa?” but then she realized that having Bipolar type 2 contributed to one out of the three reasons why she’s able to handle a long day of work and school.

“Hindi ko kasi kaya ng walang ginagawa,” she said.

Another factor she shared is her being an athlete. She’s been involved into sports specifically basketball since 3rd grade until first year of high school. She pays respect to her coach who has taught her more than what is expected in a normal basketball team, because beyond the drills and technicalities, it is leadership and discipline that has marked the most.

“Because if you are an athlete kasi it builds character. So iba yung level of discipline mo.”

Lastly, the third factor of how she’s able to pull it off is, she’s in a universe where she loves what she’s doing. She’s currently part of various organizations, and as what she have said “yun din talaga yung sinalihan ko kasi alam ko yun yung gusto ko.” She firmly believes that it will be really easy for someone to sacrifice for something because he/she loves it. “kasi mahal mo eh.”

Starting Point

Alex started to have this vision of pursuing her passion since childhood. She has good support from her family, who cheers her on with the things that she wants like sports, which has first sparked an interest in her. She was also part of a math team way back and competed in a Math challenge around the metro “ang geek nito,” she confessed.

The passion continued when she entered UP, where doors of opportunities started to open from one to the other up until the gates of politics was introduced to her, and from there she found what she wants. It is where her heart really is. She gives her greatest gratitude to the people who gave  her a kind of environment where she can grow as an individual and who supports her as well.

Dreams and accomplishments

Many foresee Alex as someone who’ll run for presidency or be part of the country’s government chairs but as of now, Alex wants to continue with her career track. She’s more inclined to Labor Law where she completely fell in love with, and saw its great impact and need. Another “wild” dream she really wants to do is to put up school. “I want to be a teacher,” she admitted. “Iba yung mag pla-plant ka ng idea. It’s the best way [actually] to change something. Yung be able to present a new way of thinking sa mga tao,” she added. Also, sports will always have a room in her heart, and so, she aims to be a coach that will build character and fire up passion in the children. She wants to give back everything she has learned.

One great accomplishment she has done over the years is the mentorship program. A program where she teaches a group of freshies or sophomore students whom she considers as her kids, and who calls her mommy. “Sila yung mga anak ko, tawag nila sa akin mommy.” It’s a fulfillment for her to see the kids grow, and see evidently how they have advanced throughout the program. “Sa career ko sa UP masasabi ko na sila yung greatest accomplishment ko talaga. Na iba pala yung epekto mo.”   

Passion, Initiative, Discipline

Alex Castro

When asked what her Mantra or principles in life are, she shared three things: Passion, Initiative, and Discipline- her bread and butter. For her it is a lot easier when you are doing things with passion, as what she used to tell in talks and seminars “Find something you love and let it kill you.” Initiative and Discipline on the other hand, is doing something about it and doing what you need to do  rather than what you want to do.

Being in the shoes of Alex Castro would be really stretching. A schedule occupied with school, interviews, meetings, orgs, sports is not a piece of cake, but what Alex has that makes her get through a day is her undying passion in what she’s doing, in serving the people. “For the longest time, antagal mong hinanap. Kaya ganito ako ka gigil,” she said.

Definitely Alex wants to let us all realize to find that thing that we love and let it kill us. Have that eagerness, be obsessive, because as what she have said, the most beautiful people are the passionate ones.