The Philippine American Medical Mission Foundation of Michigan held its Medical-Surgical Mission in San Jose, Antique last february 1-6 and I had the chance to cover my first medical mission.

There was a lot of things to do and besides becoming the official photographer of the group, I also took on the job of arranging for the certificates and plaques to be handed on the last day, besides that I grabbed every opportunity I got to help carry supplies.

In short my hands were really full the whole entirety of the mission. However this did not prevent me to capture moments that really tugged at my heartstrings and hopefully will tug yours.

These people stopped and went out their normal lives to come here to help the under privileged, the poorest of the poor.

An Indian doctor by the name of Dr. Satysh Vyas, a plastic surgeon from Michigan, draws a cute little bunny on the hands of a little girl who just underwent surgery.

doctor and child

Mr. Eric and his wife Mrs. Ching had been part of the missions for a while now.

husband and wife volunteer

Little kids who were waiting to be screened for surgery or to be checked up.

medical mission

A little girl who will undergo surgery to remove her cyst won’t stop crying.

nurse and child

The doctors and nurses tried really hard to comfort her

child undergoing surgery

and after a while they were able to calm her down and sedate her for the operation
Large cysts that had grown over time were removed from patients who didn’t have the means or resources to undergo surgery.



People waiting in line to be screened for minor surgery. Some of these people got down from the mountains and had to travel a long way with a fare they can barely afford.

people waiting in line


Mr. Joseph a man who had a cyst on his neck finally had it removed

Dr. Satish Vyas and a patient


Volunteers who spent days trying to help out the people who needed medical attention

minor surgery volunteers
free surgery volunteers
medical mission volunteers

Words could not possibly express the profound impact the experience of covering this medical mission had for me. The unsung heroes who boldly and unselfishly gave their time to help the under-privileged people in the town of San Jose, Antique really inspired me.

hope can be found even in the dark places

They make it look so simple-lending a helping hand to others. It may only have been for a few days but the doctors, nurses and staff of the 5-day medial mission in San Jose, Antique really made a huge difference and changed lives.

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