Hey you, yes YOU!

You the confused youth, you the frustrated startup businessman, you the tired call center agent, you the early family man or woman, you the teacher, you the internet surfer/addict, you the lost individual.

solo micah

Look to the future and act on the present

There are a lot of things I want to say to you. It’s just that It’s not easy to put it into words. It feels like a huge amount of energy is amassing inside of me and I can’t help but to write it down. (I was just about to take a shower but in my towel I had to open my laptop and attempt to write it down.)

Just this morning…

I read this blog post regarding a guy who’s picture was shown in the last state of the nation address by President Noynoy Aquino. He shared how inspired he was by being touched by the SONA and he related it to how millenials deeply cared about the nation.

and the same time I was reading the article, I was listening to this song by Newsboys

There’s no such thing as apathetic

It was a curious feeling, a rallying call inside of me. I didn’t like the way they treated the nation’s president during the SONA, but why wasn’t I writing about it? (Why wasn’t I doing anything?) I realized from PNOY’s SONA how rude and insensitive I can be. How sometimes we think we can do a better job than other people but in reality we wouldn’t be able to do half what they did.

I then realized that like most of our generation, I was not apathetic, I was simply doubtful. I was doubtful if anyone would listen to what I have to say, or that someone will bother to read this and share the same opinion or that someone will care. I was afraid.

There’s a bunch of us that actually deeply care! Many would even go miles to do something about it, from passing out bottles of water under the rain, to doing startups and organic and renewable energy.

But we’re afraid.

All around me it was apparent that everyone deeply cared. Everyone cared enough to tweet, share and post their opinions on Facebook. Some would even go to the streets and really scream what’s in their hearts.

You may say that you don’t care about our country but in reality do. You may say that there’s no hope for a country such as ours but deep inside you, you hope something will happen, you know something will happen.

So don’t be afraid to care!

Some say that caring too much is weakness, but in reality there lies our strength. Not just as an individual but as a nation. We have been broken and shattered but that’s why we learned a lot of things. We’re not as ignorant as we’ve been before.

IMG_2777Meeting People with the Piso Project


So care! Care deeply as much as you want to and act on it!

Find something you love and be great at it! Be the best you can be in doing it.

Don’t be afraid of what other people might think. Be a businessman, an artist, a great programmer or a great engineer, a lawyer or a dentist, be a politician, be the next president of the Philippines, be the first Filipino Astronaut to reach the moon and beyond (We’ll have to do it eventually!). Do what’s in your heart because that’s how we will change our country and the world.

By being our true selves.

Yes, we are misfits. We spend most of our time glued to computer screens and thinking about the people we love. We spend too much time browsing Facebook and tweeting. Yes we dream too much and too high, we’re too ambitious and too idealistic, Yes, we’re weirdoes, not being able to adhere to tradition and the old rules, we rebel too much and we’re too emotional at times but we are who we are. God placed us lovingly in the world at this specific timeline because he has great plans for us.


The graduates of UST ICS batch 2015 (Photo by: Carmelo Culvera)

Let’s use the power we Millenials have, let’s use the power of social media, the power of the internet to bring about our own brand of change. This world will be passed on down to us, we can’t sit in the fence for long, we have to decide as a united generation. We have to decide on how we want the world to be.

We are the Millennials! If we’re going to change this world for the better, we must focus on the good things and not the bad. We must not focus on being perfect, but on being better versions of ourselves.

It’s time to decide

It’s been too long that we’ve waited for someone to act, someone to do something. Something!

But maybe, just maybe! We don’t have to wait for a hero anymore. What if that person we’ve been waiting for to change the country is staring you in the face when you look in the mirror?

guy fawkes

You will never be alone in this fight

You have the power! if you look inward and see that you actually love your country, and that you actually want to do something about the situation. Invent something, create your art or voice out encouragements to others.

The time to act, to speak and to come up with world-changing ideas is now. We are the change that’s coming. You are the change this world has been waiting for!

Do you believe we can change our country? In what way can you contribute to this revolution? Sound off in the comments below!