The Color Manila Challenge was held on March 19, 2017 by Color Manila. It’s a run for 3k, 5k or 10k. The run was designed to have obstacles as people throw colored powder all over the runners. The event seemed promising so we went for it.

We pulled together some of our friends until we had enough to rent a van. In the end we ended up with 2 vans carrying 19 people. We all decided to register for the 5k run which cost around Php 650.00 and included a race bib, sunglasses, a race singlet and more.

Color Manila Event Grounds

I nicknamed the group – Team Hatak (Because we just pulled more people in until we overshot our initial target, the hatak powers was very strong with this group of people thus ‘Team Hatak’)

team cm 6
Team Hatak

Earlier this week we had to scout ahead of our group to claim the race kits for everyone. Ariell or “Kuya A” as everyone calls him offered his affordable van rental services to our group and he volunteered to take me to the venue to help everyone claim their race kits.

First ones to arrive

We were the first ones there, arriving at 8:00am! The event coordinators gave us some Kitkat chunky as an early bird prize.

kitkat2Free Kitkat

Successfully Claimed Race Kits

It was an amazing experience right from the get go, meeting some cool people in the process.

Event Day! We departed from manila at exactly 2:00am going to Clark Pampanga Parade grounds for the Color Manila Challenge 2017. With 2 vans filled with the 19 awesome people who decided to join our party, we set off for a colorful adventure.

We arrived at 4:00am and decided to stay at a nearby Mcdo for a while. Everyone changed into their race shirts and. the pre-event ceremonies already started when we arrived at the parade grounds.

team cm mcdo
Chillin at Mcdo

Doing some Zumba-kind of moves.

6:15 Gun start!

With everyone in high spirits the 5k runners started slow and steady. We can already see some water being sprayed all over the runners in the front.

Then the run picked up the pace and we hit the first obstacle with the color blue.

blue color
Some blue for you

We had to crawl down some mesh-type thing for the next one which was green.

green color 2
Mean and Green

then yellow

yellow 3Yellow is so Mellow!

then finally purple

purple 4

There are also stations in between where runners can replenish some of the water they’ve lost.

rest stop 2
A water station

We already had lots of colors all over our bodies but we kept on running.

A member of our group covered in Colors

We reached the end of the line and rested for a bit before walking back to the starting point.

The Finishers’ Medals

The Color Manila party was held right after where the runners got to throw their colored powders together and it was an awesome sight marking the end of the Color Manila Challenge.

end1Filling the sky with colors

We ate at a nearby restaurant called Matam-Ih ordered some Bulalo for just around Php 420.00 which was good for 4-5 people. Some Vegetables, Adobong Kangkong and Chopsuey. Rice was a little costly at Php 40 but it with a large group like ours we could afford it.

matam-ih lunch
Bulalo at Matam-Ih restaurant

Team Hatak eating lunch together

Together we only spent around Php 1500.00 individually for everything including registration, food and transportation.

We saved a lot thanks to the affordable van service we got from Kuya A. You can also book or simply inquire using their Facebook page: Lakbay Ariell Van Services


In the end I got to spend time with old and new friends where we get to throw colored powder around. We were able to find ourselves a colorful adventure to take somewhere near Manila 🙂

Special thanks to the Color Manila Team, Kuya A of Lakbay Ariell Van Services and all the members of Team Hatak!

Were you able to join Color Manila Challenge too? What other events would you recommend to us? Comment below we’d like to hear from you 🙂

Picture credits to different members of Team Hatak.