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  1. Everything matters

    From major and minor exams, group works, seatwork, homework, and down to readings. Everything counts. Every activity contributes to your over-all grade, even your attendance can save you! Never belittle the capability of having a complete attendance, because it can save your life.

  2. The power of teamwork

    Professors call it cheating but for students? It’s teamwork. Nobody gets out of college being an island and doing things alone, because I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve been the contributor, free loader, or the leader of the team. Well, it doesn’t really matter what role you are playing, because at the end of the day what matters is: PASADO!

  3. Tres is the new UNO

    Tres (passing mark) never gets out of style. When you are faced with a terror professor or a hard-core subject, and you forsee that SINGKO is at grasp then TRES comes in and takes the spotlight. Tres is the new UNO! The most-awaited grade of all times, “tres lang sapat na”

  4. Never cease from learning

    Always look forward to learning something new. I know it pains you to listen to your monotonous professor or to sit for an hour in your  “kill me now” class but take that opportunity to learn, only a few gets that privilege.You may be learning in a hard way but it will be all worth it. College sayings that never gets old!

  5. Love will surely  find  its  way

    Don’t be in a hurry to  fall in love and be loved. Darating at darating yan!  Know your priorities, your Romeo or Juliet can wait but thesis? syempre   hindi. 

  6. #MORE is an overkill

    #puyatpaMORE #thesispaMORE #sabawpaMORE all the more. In college, expect to do things in excess especially if you love procrastinating.

  7.  Procrastination at its best

    I don’t recommend you to procrastinate, but for some procrastinating,  helps. It is the time where unborn geniuses start to exist for a moment, creative juices spill out of their nutshells, and adrenaline rushes  in  your nerves. It’s in procrastination where students become Einstein, and Picasso in no time.

  8. Chill!

    Yes learn how to chill. Don’t be in a hurry to  have everything settled down and done. College isn’t just a piece of cake. There’ll be times you’ll see yourself crying over your thesis, professor, readings, and exams but surely it will all come to pass. College is fulfilling. Chill,enjoy, meet new friends, and learn!

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