College is really something to look forward to in your education life. Well, aside from the fact that you are just 4-6 years away out from school life you also get to have that “freedom” that you’ve been itching to have as a present from your dear parents. Since you are now a college student you can go to different places, hang out with friends, and try new things. Basically, you can do anything you want but here’s the catch- you must be responsible for every action you do.

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Four years in college is pretty tough. There will be sleepless nights, stressed days, and desserts days but once they’re all done you can finally breathe a relief. For some college is dreadful, others it is smooth flowing, and others say it’s a mix of twist and turns but whatever their experiences were, I want to share with you the 5 famous sayings I’ve learned in my college life:

Tiwala lang.

This is a word of mouth for every college or every student. Hard times? Tough times? I am sure this phrase will never lose its value, and the kind of impact it can give to students. Whenever you are faced with a terror professor who dearly loves to fail students, or a major exam which you can never comprehend, just give yourself a pat on the back and say “tiwala lang”


Gusto ko na grumaduate.

I know every student wants this, but I tell you that once you have graduated you will tell yourself “I want to go back to school”. It may seem today that you are sick of your daily school routine- no social life, piled up projects and requirements, revisions here and there, and non-ending deadlines but instead of being in deep agony, cherish those moments because those will be the things you will miss when you graduate. Being in school is better than reality.


Kahit saan.

Looking for some place to eat? This is one of the most problematic question next to “papasa kaya ako?” Whenever my college friends ask “saan tayo kakain?” always expect someone will answer “kahit saan” I hope that sooner or later there will be a restaurant or food spot that will be named after this famous line.


Papasa kaya ako?

The top rated question of all times by the students to their every teacher and professor –“papasa kaya ako?” Every end of semester you will hear students asking themselves if they’ll make it to the next semester or will their professor show some mercy and let them go through with a passing mark. Well, for some mercy was shown and for some it seems to be a not so good day.


Bawi next time.

I even used to tell this to myself every time I will get an unsatisfactory grade for an exam or quiz. Actually this really helps, it became my constant reminder throughout my college life and it never failed to hark back that I have to go the extra mile this time.

I know there are so much more famous lines that you can add up to this list so feel free to leave a comment below and share some famous lines you’ve learned in your college life!