Familiar with Yahoo, Google and Facebook? Well, these are just some of the well-known companies around the world founded by college students. Yes, college students who showed that they can rise up in the global platform.

It wasn’t an overnight success. It came with a high price. Some dropped-out from college and some went through years of missed opportunities. Having a company is not a piece of cake where money will just flow in like liquid once it’s up. It takes patience, faith, and belief that what you’re doing is worth the risk.

Essaymama.com made an infographic of the top 10 valuable start-up companies launched by students. And below are the people behind these big names that we’ve been hearing in social media, newspaper, or television:


1.  Microsoft – Bill Gates and  Paul Allen

Bill Gates was a college dropout from Harvard University.  He opened Micro-Soft together with Paul Allen and sold MS-DOS, an operating system to IBM in year 1981.


2. Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook was founded in the year 2004. Mark’s reason for creating facebook was to use it in college, and never thought that it could be a big hit. “[I thought that] over time, someone would build a version of this for the world, but it wouldn’t be us — it would be [a large existing software company] like Microsoft,” Mark said in one of his interview. Today, Facebook has almost 400 million visitors a month and making him earn millions of money.


3. Yahoo- Jerry Yang and David Filo 

11 years ago, Jerry and David who both has doctoral degree in electrical engineering at Stanford University took gamble in making Yahoo out of their hobby. The website started out with a list of their favorite websites which soon became a long list, and decided to create categories and subcategories for it. Eventually, they decided to change their website to Yahoo, an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.


4. Reddit- Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian

Steve and Alexis were room mates back then at University of Virginia. It was in 2005 that Reddit sprang up as one of the first start-ups from Y Combinator program, and a year later Conde Nast acquired it and Ohanian, a multimillionaire.


5. WordPress- Matt Mullenweg

It was in 2003 when Matt, an undergrad from Houston University partnered with Mike Little and Michel Valdrigh to create Wordpress.com an open source content management system that now serves thousands of websites around the world.


6. Google- Larry Page and Sergey Brin 

Google started as a research project of Page and Brin when they were at University of Stanford as PhD students. Did you know that Google’s real name is Googol? Page and Brin’s first $100,00 paycheck was under Google Inc. and so they have to run and create a bank account after Google Inc to en-cash the cheque.


7. Time  Magazine- Britton Haden and Henry Luce 

An American weekly magazine published in New York was founded in 1923. They first called the magazine as Facts and changed it to TIME with a slogan- Take Time- It’s Brief.


8. Napster- Shawn Fanning

Shawn Fanning a graduate from Northern University started the revolutionary Napster, a file sharing service. After 2 years it was shut down and acquired by Rhapsody- a digital music service.


9. Dell- Michael Dell

Michael Dell created Dell during his undergrad years at University of Texas at Austin. He dropped out of school and focused with his business after getting his $1,000 capital from his family. He agreed to go back to school if his business’ sales would prove to be disappointing. But with the first month, he sold  $180,000 worth of PCs and never returned.


10. Tripod- Bo Peabody and Brett Hershey

In 1992, Bo co founded Tripod- one of the first social networking sites. It was initially created for college students. However, in 1998 it was sold to Lycos.


Infographic by Essaymama.com:


essaymama, inforgaphics


 “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”- Zig Zilar.

It wasn’t luck that brought Zuckerberg, Page, and Dell on the top. It was their belief that what they’re doing is something of great worth. I guess putting up a company is not about the amount of one’s starting capital but rather the amount of passion and time one is willing to shell out for his/her dreams. It’s not easy. It will take months, maybe years. But one thing’s for sure, as long as we don’t give up, we can make it happen.

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